• Zombie Classroom Part 1
    The zombie raked his teeth down the wall, barely missing the fresh meat that excited unbearable hunger deep within him. I stood slowly from my chair and watched the classroom dissolve into chaos. Only minutes before, everyone had been sitting quietly involved in work and their biggest worry was not finishing their cornell notes. Sounds of bones breaking and flesh ripping mixed with the sound of frightened screams coming from the children being torn apart, now filled the room. My hands were plastered over my ears as I backed away to the white board in horror. My body held completely still, as if trying to blend into the white board. Molly let out a scream as JD lunged for hear leg. His crazed red eyes focused in on its prey. Molly barely made it from her seat, when JD’s jaw enclosed on her shin, pulling her down to the floor. Molly screamed and spastically slapped at JD’s messed up face. A gasp ripped through my body. I stated to run forward to help, but I stopped short when my eyes fell upon Katrinah. She rose slowly in an ominous way from her seat. Her matted red hair was draped over her face. Red eyes peeked out from behind her hair. I let out a startled screamed as her eyes turned on me. My legs automatically moved, taking me towards the next room, but she was too fast. Her body twisted and jerked in a vicious run towards her food. Her jaw opened, clawing into the air, missing my skin by not even and inch. Jon Jon lunged in front of me just as she went in for the death strike. Katrinah took him down for a feast.

    Zombie Classroom Part 2
    I moved around Jon Jon and Katrinah quickly, feeling more than gratitude for his selfless act. My focus turned to Molly and JD. He would not let go of her leg. I had to do something. Without thinking, I ran at JD and delivered a kick to the back of his head. His jaw was knocked loose and she crawled away from his twitching body. I grabbed Molly’s arm and helped her from the floor. When my scared gaze met hers, we understood neither of us though we were going to make it out of here in one piece. But we had to try to get out of this F-d up classroom. All the kids were lying in bloody flesh piles, except for nine zombies, Katrinah was still focused on her meal. Her teeth gnawed savagely into Jon Jon’s face. With a jerk, she ripped his nose from the skin. Makenna’s eyes stayed on me and Molly as she ran repeatedly into the desk blocking her way. Her body jerked back and forth. Spit exploded from her mouth every time her body contracted. Emily was on the floor. She tore into Sam’s neck, ripping her throat out with a shower of blood splattering down on her face. Sam’s eyes stared blankly up into the ceiling. Andrew was in the back of the classroom cradling Wyatt’s ripped off arm. He pulled the meat from the bone with hungry snarls escaping his throat. Mrs. Clements’ sat staring at her computer. Her body was completely frozen. I couldn’t see her face, but I could tell she was no longer human. Keeton sat slumped over on the floor next to his seat. Mason was pulling at Keeton’s ear with his teeth. Blood streamed down his shoulder and bled his white shirt red. Seth G squatted on his seat, snarling as spit rained from his mouth. I spotted Asia in the corner of the room by Clements’ desk. She kicked at Sarah, who was biting at her ankles. We had to help Asia. I turned back to Molly. She looked a little green. I didn’t know how long she had left before the virus took over her system. I gazed down at her leg, then at all the mouth-watering zombies. They smelled the wound. Their eyes were fixed on the fresh blood. My mind was racing. All we could do was race for the door and hope a zombie didn’t latch onto us. “Run!” I called. Molly and I sprinted through the sea of biting mouths. Emily threw herself onto the floor and caught Molly’s leg. Seth G was like a crazy elf-monkey and sank his teeth into Molly’s ear, ripping it from her face. I look at her pleading expression in horror. There was nothing I could do as the feeding monsters swarmed her.