• It was a windy night. A storm is going to come sooner or later. I, Turquoise Midnight, have to be in this run-down town. I walk up to the house. When and where is not the problem. It is whose throwing the bash. I go to the door, which opens a second before I knock, to show a young man behind it. Figures…I thought coldly.
    “Password,” said the young man.
    I hate this part…went through my mind. I open my mouth gingerly to show my teeth. The fangs were obvious, as they are on all of my kind. The guy moved from the door to let me in the house. I went past him and looked around.
    The house from the outside looked empty; of course when you come closer to the house you can hear faint music. Inside is another story all together. People were mostly standing, others were sitting. Most of them were coupled together. People I don’t know… as I look at all of the couples. One of the two of all of the couples is at their partner’s neck. I look away just in time to see my least-favorite vampire heading my way.
    “Turquoise, how nice for you to come.” said Silver Moen, “Not trying to run me through tonight?” The ‘again’ hung on the end of the ‘tonight’.
    “Silver, how long has it been since I did that? 300, no, 400 years ago,” I said smiling at the memory. He pats me on the shoulder, almost breaking it.
    “Now, now,” Silver joked, “Stray dogs have to behave.” THAT ticked me off. How dare he say THAT!!!! I thought furiously. Silver knows my history with the slave trade. I started to walk off when he grabbed my arm. “I was joking, you know that.” said Silver.
    “What do you want, Silver?” I put coldly.
    “It’s something you want, Turquoise, your memory,” Silver stated plainly.
    “My what?!?”
    “Your. Memory.” Silver stated again.
    I laughed at him. “If I can’t find my memory, then who can!” I yelled. At that point, some people started to stare. I don’t care. They can all jump in a lake with a toaster in it.
    Signing, Silver handed me a note. I look it over, and over again. “An address?” I asked, puzzled, looking up at him from the paper.
    “Yes, it is where you were born.” put Silver. I’m dumbfounded. This is where I was born. I stared at the slip of paper. It says I was born in Acton, MA. A stone throw away from Chaos( the main base of operations for the vampire world in America). How could he have… ?
    “Where did you get this, and how?” I asked sharply, cutting of my train of thought.
    “I have… connections with some of the human hospitals here and there,” Silver said, almost like he was embarrassed. Him, embarrassed? I hold back a giggle. Moving back a lock of silver hair from his face, he stated, “I need some time to find out your real name. I’m sorry if I gave you some false hope for that part.”
    “It’s okay, I don’t need the name, Silver, I can find that out on my own,” I said, while folding the slip of paper. “Why did you do this for me?” Vampires normally don’t do things like this for others like them.
    “I owe you a favor, remember?” he said, looking back at the memory, “ You killed someone I really hated when you first became what you are now.”
    I forgot about him… went through my head. I told Silver that I had to go. I brought myself to my home in Chaos. I said hi to the house-lady( she knows what I am and doesn’t care[ as long as she gets her paycheck]) go in my room and crash for the night.

    I wake up around 1:30 AM. Not having fed last night, I take myself to New York to feed. A woman starts to head down a darken ally way; I follow her not far behind. I make sure she couldn’t see me if she tried to. She turned into a darker ally way. She isn’t a native New Yorker, so she must be a tourist… She becomes lost. I stop hiding so she can see me. She turns around to head the other way and then jumps not seeing me there before. The woman let out a breath of relief. I stepped closer to the woman and try to look friendly.
    “I was beginning to worry,” said the woman.
    “Really?” I said with a smile. She was about to say ‘yes’, but I interrupted her by whispering in her mind. Sleep… The woman stared to fall down, unconscious. I caught her in time. I can catch someone ten times her size. I push her head aside to bare her neck. I lean forward , and put my fangs in her neck. The taste of her blood rolled down my throat. My senses dull down to a human.

    I put the woman down reluctantly. She’ll live. I turn to greet my new guest. A cliché vampire hunter. The kid had holy water. I looked in the kid’s mind.
    “You know holy water isn’t going to work on me. Or is it for jokes?”I joked, “Aaron is a common name, so why did your parents name you Alphonse?”
    “H-how do y-you k-know my-my name?” Al said.
    “I read your mind. It is very simple, really,” I said stepping forward, “for my kind at least.” I take his hand and twisted it so the knife fell out of his hand. He let out a cry of pain. He pulled out another knife and swung the blade. It hit his arm and a hot, crimson liquid was all over. He let out another curse. “You’re bad at this, you know.” I laughed.
    He took a swing at me. It connected. I took a step back and swung back, breaking his jawbone. He crumpled to the ground like a rag doll. I pull his head up by his hair. “What a pity,” I said, annoyed, “ I thought we could have more fun.” I let go of his hair. It started to rain.
    I turn and picked up the woman. I take her to a side of a café and sat her up so it seemed liked she dozed off. I bought myself to Chaos. The town of Chaos is nice, it is not like its namesake. The true heart of darkness of Chaos is a club called La Vamp. I rarely go to it. I walk home from Echoes of the Darkness on the edge of town. When I come in the house the clock reads 2:55 AM. I go in my room and crash till’ noon.

    Sara, the house-lady, opens the black-out curtains. I hiss at the new light that pours in. Sara said something on the lines of “Get your idle butt up, Miss. Midnight!!!” when I turned away from the light. I groaned and sat up slowly. I glanced over at my shirt that I wore last night. You can barely see the white that was the front of it. My band new shirt is covered in that kid’s blood. I told Sara to throw it out.
    When I’m down stairs I see a piping hot plate of food. I stared at it for a couple of minutes. Sara always fixes me brunch, even thought she knows I don’t need to eat. I sat down and started to eat. Sara walked down the stairs and fixes herself a plate of food. Sara is around twenty-nine years old, but she sometimes acts like she is three hundred. I don’t care, she is like the mother I never had. She sees me staring at her and she sticks her tongue at me. Finished, I clean my plate in the sink.
    “Is there anything on the agenda today?” I asked Sara.
    She thought for a second and said, “Not that I know of.”
    “Good… Hey did you talk with your sister yet?” Sara’s sister is one of the owners of La Vamp. The other owner is a vampire that goes around the world, womanizing. He has been gone for about a year or two. Sara’s sister is one of his ‘dolls’, as he puts it. To put it simply, he is a huge, pig.
    “No, I haven’t gotten a chance.” She said glancing at the clock that reads 1:30PM.
    “Right now is a perfect time.”
    “Fine.” said Sara as she walked to the sink to clean her plate. She turns around and leaves for her room. I do the same. I dress in a simple t-shirt and jeans. I take myself to near the address that Silver gave me the night before. I’m on a street called Anderson St. I start to walk down the street when I see something … familiar. It was an old shop called Suzie’s Goods N’ Toys. I walk over to the store and a vivid memory came to me…

    I run down the street to my favorite store, Suzie’s Goods N’ Toys. The woman who runs it isn’t the great Suzie herself, but she is great. I open the door and see Mai Kranks, the meanest girl at the local school. I froze in the door way. What to do… what to do… go through my thirteen year old mind. Mai turned to see me in the door way and let out a sinister smile. I shivered at the sight. She walks to me…

    I was frightened, little girl… How weird. I brush off my thoughts and walk through the door. I see the owner of the shop and go over to her. She looked up from whatever work she tried to accomplish and failed.
    “Hello there can I help you with something? A toy for your sister, brother, son, or daughter?” she asked nicely, as if scripted, “Or do you want some goodies?”
    “No. I was wondering if there was ever a young girl a long time ago named Mia Kranks?” I asked, “Around the 1900’s?”
    “Hmmmm…… Let me check.” she said, going to the backroom.
    “You have client records back there that old?” I yelled to the back of the store where the owner went.
    “Yes, my great-great-great-great grandmother started this store when she was carrying her first child.” she yelled back, “She always kept list of all of her sells, we still do.”
    “That’s good to know.”
    The owner came back with a stack of old, old papers that dated around the time I was looking for. She asked me if I needed her help to carry them out and I told her that I could do it by myself. I turn and see a young image of myself …smiling.
    Back at Chaos. I walk past La Vamp as the door slams behind Sara, fuming. Sara sees me and walked over my way. “Not so well, huh?”
    “The second I asked her if she would like to live with us and she kicked me out!!” she growled, “THE NERVE!!!”
    “You know that this always happens when you ask her that. You get angry and throw a fit.”
    “I know, I know…” she said. The door opens again to show Tera, Sara’s sister. She walks to us.
    “What did you do?” I asked Sara.
    “Nothing, nothing at all… okay maybe something.”
    “You little b--” Tera started to say.
    “Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold on a second! What did Sara do?”
    “She destroyed the freshly stocked bar in my club!”
    “Sara is this true?”
    “For one, it isn’t your club. For two, it was just one bottle of wine… or blood. I don’t know which.”
    “It was a bottle of expensive witch blood that I just got today!” Tera shouted at her sister.
    “How much for the bottle, Tera?” I said as calm as I can.
    “Around three-hundred dollars.”