• I used to say " I just want to be normal." But then I realized that "normal" just wasn't an option. So I did the next best thing. I pretended.

    I sighed into my cup of coffee. Break ends in 10 minutes. I gathered all my junk and threw away the little paper cup. 7 minutes. Jumped outside and landed on the curb. 5 minutes. Pressed the button on the traffic light. 2 minutes. Walked across the street with the light blaring after me "10...9...8...7...6..." Opened the door to Marley's Burger Shop and clocked in. "Hey, Lulu! You're late!" My boss bellowed at me from the back of the counter. I rolled my eyes at him and started to put my short blond hair in pigtails. " Whatever, you're clock's fast!" He chuckled at this. " Heh! You might be right!"
    I strolled into the back grill and yelled at the other employees. " Alright, boys. What're we maken' today." The man to the left of me, Robert, said routinely to me " Same as always, Lu." He was right. All we made in here were burgers and fries. And all the women employees (except for me of course) worked the registers. There was a ring of the bell at the door. Robert yelled at us over the sizzling grill " We got customers!" We all laughed and started grilling. The boss leaned into the door and pointed to me. " Hey, Lu! We got someone here for yeh!" My brows furrowed. I didn't know why anyone would need to see me. I walked out cautiously "Who is it?"
    The young man, probably about my age, opened his crisp blue eyes at me. " Ahh! There you are! Wait, you are Lumine Morris, right?" I nodded dumbly. Something about him was.....scary. Like he could kill me in an instant. " Uh...yeah...but I go by Lulu" He grabbed my hand. " Well then, let's go!" I snatched it back. " Hey, wait a second. I have a job to do." My shift wasn't over. "Listen. I dunno who you are, but I am not gonna leave my job and risk getting fired." I went back to the grills and kept cooking. The strange guy followed me, getting many angry retorts from the other grillers. I flipped a burger and put another one on. " Aw come'on! I don't have time for this! We gotta go!" I held the spatula on the burger so I didn't throw it at him. I yelled at him " WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! GET OUT!!!" He ran out to leave a digruntled crew of patty flippers fuming.
    Once my shift was over, I walked out of the newly swinging doors, left alone in the diner. I looked around for the wierdo, but he wasn't there. " Huh. I guess he couldn't wait to lea--!" My words were cut off when a pair of hands reached out and tried to grab me. I punched upwords, expecting to meet a face, but instead, my arm hit a giant shield with a loud and very painful clang. I clutched at it and tried to stop the ringing in my ears. And just who was the wielder of the acursed piece of scrap metal? Mr. Crazy himself. His shield turned into a bracelet instantly and he grabbed my arm. " Are you ok?! You know, you really shouldn't punch people like that." Was he genuinly stupid?! I gasped at him through my clenched teeth " Well, don't grab me from behind! I thought you were a pervert!" He laughed. " Whatever. Come on, we've gotta go!" He put me on his back and started to run as fast as he could. I clutched at his shirt. " Wh-where are we going?!" He yelled back at me nonchallantly " To a secret hideout!" " WHAT?!?! ARE YOU INSANE?!" The air was tearing at my face. Man, he runs fast! I hid it into his back. My voice came out muffled. " Just who are you, anyway?" " My name is Stelle Riciatto, and I am in charge with finding those with Fullbring!"