• Lisa:The queen is in that cloud over there, she sleeps there.
    Sue:Wow, cool, lets go.
    (At The Queen)
    Servant:Your highness, some visitors who needs to talk to you, they say it's emergancy.
    Queen:Okay, you may let them in.
    Servant:Yes, your highness...
    Servant:Okay, you may come inside.
    Lisa:Thank you.
    Kathy:The queen looks beautiful...
    Majee:Yeah, I know.
    Lisa:Your highness, we need your help.
    Queen:And whats the reason?
    Sue:Your highness, we have a friend named Mel, and she was fighting this guy named BoomerBanger.
    Majee:You see, she was fighting then suddenly she was slowly fading away, then she disappeared...
    Queen:Hmm, so, you guys are asking me to give you the Potion for that?
    Kathy:Yes, your highness...
    Queen:Okay, I will give you the potion but, if it gets into the wrong hands...Mel will die......
    Sue:What? Okay, your highness, we'll be very careful...
    Queen:Okay.(Hands over the potion to Lisa)
    Lisa:Thank you, your highness.
    Queen:No worries, if you need any help, just call "Angel" okays?
    Servant:This way.
    Lisa:Thank you again.
    Queen biggrin on't worry about it.
    Kathy:Awww, I hope Mel won't die.
    Sue:Thats why we need to hide the potion.
    Boo:Waah! Who are you?
    Sue:Huh? Who are you? May I ask?
    Boo:My name is Boo, you?
    Boo:Okay, sue I really need your help!
    Sue:Whats wrong?
    Boo:You see, my cousin Mel has disappeared, and I'm afraid to ask the queen to revive her.
    Sue:Oh, Mel? She's our best friend, we have the potion for her, you can come with us.
    Boo:Oh, thanks!
    Sue:No worries, lets go.
    Kathy:Can we get ice-cream first?
    Majee:We'll get you the Clouds ice-cream later.
    Kathy:Wow, they have a clouds ice-cream too? Cool!
    Lisa:No time for ice-cream ladies, lets go.
    Jason:Hey, I'm not a lady.
    Lisa:Jason, will you just shaddup?
    Jason:Fine meanie, want pie?
    Jason:Make me.
    Lisa: Ima kick your dog!
    Lisa:Thank you.