• I opened the door for my husband who just got home from work. I gave him a kiss and said, "I'm so glad you're back. Today's been a mess. But supper's ready. Are you hungry?"

    "Of course. What happened today? Anything new?" Tim hugged me, and we walked to the kitchen together.

    "Yeah, we got a call at the station for this huge, huge house fire. It was in that woodsy area, and you know how windy it was today... So, I couldn't just let the fire spread to all those trees. I helped out a little, made the wind blow towards the house from all directions, instead of sweeping across and distributing some flames around." I dished out the pasta I made onto our plates.

    "Did anyone notice what you did? I mean, Hon, I just don't know how long you can keep these gifts a secret."

    "Yeah I know, Tim. But if I'm a firefighter and I have the power to play with the weather a little, how can I ignore it? I can't just let innocent people get hurt if I can actually do something to prevent it. Oh, and guess what else I found out today?" I gave him the you will not believe this smile.

    "Can I ever guess?" he chuckled. "All I know is you surprise me everyday."

    "I know what you mean. I surprised myself today. Okay, so, how long have I worked at the station? Three years? I guess so, cause I'm 26 now, but anyway. I've had these gifts for my whole life and I just now found out that I can control water!"

    "Water? Holy cow, Mel! Are you sure? What can you do with it?"

    "Well, it was so weird. We were at the same house fire, and our hose wasn't working. We couldn't get it to put out any water at all. I found myself wishing the stupid fire hydrant would just become a geiser. The next second, there was a huge explosion of water coming from the hydrant. It was streaming straight up and I thought well, this is useless unless the water sprays onto the flaming house."

    "Wow! Let me guess, the water changed directions and started getting rid of the fire."

    "Exactly! I was so surprised, and I wanted to make sure this was real. I wished the water would come out of our hose, not just the fire hydrant, and right away, it did. This is cool! Tonight when I was making dinner, it was so funny. You should've been there. I had the water come from the faucet though the air, over here to the pot on the table, and then I had it boiling with a flick of my fingers."

    Tim smiled, "I'm so glad we never wasted any money on a stove."