• The sun was going down and Thenfire’s jaw widened as he yawned. “I am sorry but I need my sleep, Setsunka. Would you excuse me to do so?” Setsunka sighed and jumped into a nearby tree. With that she closed her own eyes. Demons didn’t need sleep but she was bored. Setsunka always grew bored when she hadn’t had a fight recently. I should try and find Cora. She leapt down, stirring Thenfire. “Where are you leaving to?” He pondered.
    "I'm going to find Cora." she answered and ran off. Thenfire just lied there, following her with his eyes. He went back into his half-sleep, still worried about her. Setsunka followed her scent until she entered a clearing. Cora was there but so was Kandrikar. Kandrikar was a demon who wanted to destroy the humans for unknown purposes. Setsunka growled and drew her sword, the black glinting from the little light filtering through the trees signaling dawn was approaching. “What the hell do you want?!” Setsunka snapped. Kandrikar’s vrangadra, hybrid, transformed into Setsunka and held his sword to Cora’s throat.
    “I don’t believe you are in any position to be asking questions.” Kandrikar said, his voice calm but menacing like a snake. Setsunka growled and slashed at Kandrikar, just an inch away from his face. Kandrikar laughed and taunted, “You’re going to have to be faster than that.” This only angered her more. Her aura flared; a black wall around her. This only seemed to humor Kandrikar. An arrow broke off from the wall and shot toward Kandrikar who deflected it with ease off his sword.
    “The little demon is trying to damage my soul with Shenzukami? Let’s teach her a lesson. Hybrid, finish her!” He ordered. Time to get Cora out of here... She snapped up as Kandrikar disappeared with her, leaving Hybrid lunging toward her as a panther. She dived out of the way and leapt to her feet just in time to avoid his claws. I really hate how he can shape shift. Setsunka’s annoyance boiled to the point where she assumed her dragon form. She roared and batted hybrid into the barricade of trees. Hybrid got up, shifted into a Vrangadra, and flew away. Annoying pet of demons. Setsunka transformed back into her normal form and stalked off back to Thenfire.