• You see a girl walking along the beach, she has long black hair, her eyes as brown as dirt. She wears a blue skirt with a matching blue tank top,her cloak wraps around her being black. She stares as the water comes to shore then washes back to the ocean. She stops to stare at the calm ocean, she's alone with no one else around. The sun is setting making it darker. A single tear falls down her face and into the water. She looks at her hand and sees blood. She realizes that all along she was bleeding from a deep cut that some stranger gave her. She then looks at the water noticing that she has no reflection, she hears a siren. She looks back to see an ambulence approach the shore, she sees two paramedics come and run toward someone. Her eyes grow wide as she sees them treat her. Her eyes go blank as she walks into the ocean having been dead all along. She fades
    and the parmedics along with her body fade two having been dead four years.