• Terrible Mistakes
    [[Kai's P.O.V.]]

    It had to be some time passed midnight. I was laying there helplessly as they went at it for ten hours straight. It was pathetic to hear that they were still going at it. You could literally tell who was yelling at who. Back and forth it went. Yelling, screaming, use of foul language, punches being thrown, and things that were down stairs being smashed. You guessed it. My two friends/lovers were fighting over someone or something. I was sleeping most of the time, so I wasn't awake long enough to hear was started the squall. The fight raged on like two dogs with locked jaws. My heart was beating faster and faster until it felt like it was about to burst. At this point my eyes began to water up, but I couldn't cry now. I had to be as strong as I possibly could be. I felt so scared. I was too afraid to sleep in my own bed now. I left my room and went to stay in Uruha's room. He said I could stay with him for the rest of the night and the next morning.
    When morning time came around, I woke up thinking that everything return to normal, but it all changed when I walked over to the stairs. I noticed that Uruha and Reita were sitting on the couch watching and listening to this ---- ''I'm ******** done with you! I'm just ******** done with you!'' Ruki snapped at least twenty times all ready from the other side of the room. ''******** grow up Ruki! This is all your fault!'' Aoi snapped back. ''My fault?! It's your fault that Kai stopped talking to all of us!'' Ruki shouted as a come back. I stood there gritting my teeth. I heard the couch squeak twice. I saw Uruha and Reita walking up the stairs as I was walking down. Reita grabbed him the arm and gave him an angered glaze. I could tell he wasn't happy. Uruha had the same look. I wasn't happy either. I sat on the couch and watched. Aoi and Ruki turned their gazes and looked at me. ''Look what you did?! You woke him up!'' They yelled at the same time. ''Me?! You did it!'' I sighed. I saw Ruki went to hit Aoi. Aoi did the same. I noticed Aoi tripped over his own foot and hit me instead. Reita and Uruha darted the stairs when they heard a loud cry of pain, only to see me on the floor holding my face and crying. Uruha rushed to my side while Reita ran up to the two brawlers. He knocked their heads together.. Hard. The two snapped back into reality as Uruha had me halfway up the stairs why they stopped him. ''What happened to Kai?'' They asked. Uruha only looked back with a nasty glared. "Maybe if you two stopped fighting for just two seconds and consider his feelings on this! Aio hit him because you two were at each others throats! If either one of you touch him I'll be sure to rip both of you arms off!'' He yelled furiously. The two of us disappeared down the hall and Reita soon followed. Reita and Ruki must've looked stupid down there. I heard the door slam. They must be outside now, but thats not my problem. My face was killing me and I didn't know what to do.

    [[Writers P.O.V]]

    Ruki and Aoi sat outside. They were smoking cigarettes together then sighed together. ''I feel horrible about all of this...'' Ruki said, breaking the silence. Aoi nodded blowing rings of smoke. They both sighed again then looked at each other. Ruki leaned a little. Aoi did the same. After that big fight they seemed to realize what they were really doing. Arguing about someone else because of their own 'relationship.' Aoi leaned in a bit more then pressed his soft lips against Ruki's. They would taste the cigarette on each others breath. It's was disgusting, but this moment was amazing. They didn't notice they did it at a bad time. Reita happened to open the door to see if they patched things up. He was shocked at what he saw. He truly thought they loved Kai. He quickly and quietly closed the door and ran up the stairs. Ruki and Aoi ignored his presence, but in reality they didn't even know he was there. Kai was running down they stairs with Reita and Uruha chasing after him. The last thing they needed was for him to be in more pain. Sadly they were two late. Kai had the door wide open. The two inside could see him trembling. Uruha walked up and felt the same shock Reita did. They still had there lips locked. Kai clenched his hand into a fist then hit the door frame. That quickly broke Aoi and Ruki apart. They both glanced back. Their eyes went wide. How long have the others been there? ''Why..?'' Kai questioned. Ruki looked directly into Kai's eyes. ''Why what?'' He asked with shakiness in his voice. Kai finally broke down. He was in tears when he hit the door frame again, causing the other four to flinch. ''Why the hell did you guys lie to me?!'' Kai questioned, yelling at the top of his lungs. When he heard no answer from either man sitting outside. He smirked. ''I see... It's come to this...'' He said a bit more calmly. He went up stairs. Reita growled, but Uruha held him back. ''Don't do anything rash... I think I know what Kai meant just now...'' Uruha whispered into Reita's ear. The blonde man calmed down....for now. An hour later Kai come down with his things such as clothes and accessories were all packed up into three bags. ''I don't have to take this s**t anymore.. I quit 'The GazettE'...'' He stated as walked out the door, pushing Aoi and Ruki out of his way.
    Reita nearly snapped, but Uruha still had his hold on him. ''Kai wait! D-Don't go!'' He cried out, knowing he had already disappeared down the lonely streets. Ruki was stunned. Aoi was shocked. Uruha was heart broken. Reita was pissed to the max. The four were all completely surprised at Kai's actions just now. Uruha released Reita and ran up stairs, slamming his door shut. Reita snarled at the two the went up the stair to attempt to calm Uruha down. Ruki flicked his cigarette away then got up and went inside. Aoi sighed then did the same. The four members knew they couldn't last without Kai. Ruki sat in front of the television and Aoi was in the kitchen looking for something to each. This didn't feel right. Kai normally fixed the food while the others practiced. He would come out of the kitchen with good smelling foods, but know the home smelt like nothing.Reita finally came down stairs. Aoi stayed in the kitchen when heard the palm of a hand hit skin. Reita slapped Ruki then gave him a deathly stare. ''How could you? How could you do this to him, huh?'' He questioned. He was getting impatient. ''Answer me Ruki!'' He snapped. ''You just ******** lucky I finally got Uruha to rest. The two of us worried about Kai for the last couple months, wondering when he would give up on the both of you. Now we've lost him. Uruha said he's leaving tomorrow and so am I. If you want to keep the two of us.. Get you a** up and go find Kai.'' He said turning and heading back upstairs. Ruki sat there with a stunned look on his face. He completely ignored Reita's request and turned the television on. He started watching the news. Aoi walked out of the kitchen and sat on the far side of the couch. The two didn't like what they heard on the t.v. A storm was going to started at around 9 o'clock at night. They looked at each other. Kai was out there alone and he might get caught in this. .. Or so they thought.
    Kai was sitting in a bar. He was drinking heavily. The bartender told him to leave and he did. Right when he walked outside it started to rain. He left his stuff in the car back at the house with everyone else. He would have to walk all that way just to get back home. He sighed cutely then staggered on his way. Little did he know that a car was coming his way. He couldn't see the cross walk, only because the rain was so heave and he couldn't really see. He continued across the road when the car struck him. He was laying on the ground, still alive. He was clinging to his life. The woman who struck him stopped then got out. She called an ambulance. When they got there they immediately called Ruki.
    Ruki heard his phone go off. He looked at it. The hospital? Why are they calling? He flipped it opened and answered it. ''Hello?'' He said sheepishly. "WHAT?!'' He shouted standing on his feet. His eyes widened then started stuttering. ''W-W-We'll be there in a few minutes.'' He answered frantically as he rushed to get some shoes on. ''Whats wrong Ruki?'' Aoi asked from his laying position on the couch. ''I'll explain on the way. Just go get Uruha and Reita now.'' He ordered. Aoi got up and ran upstairs. This seemed serious. Aoi came back down stair with Reita and Uruha behind him. The four ran out into the ran and went to the car. Uruha was shocked. ''Kai didn't leave! His stuff is here in the back!'' He said opening the door. They got into the car and the three others question Ruki what happened. He had backed the car out and took off down the road. ''The hospital called me...'' he started. He struggled to say more. ''About what?'' Reita asked. Ruki sighed. ''Kai was at a bar all day. He must've gotten drunk and was on his way back to the house. They say was was either not paying attention or couldn't see the cross walk thing and was hit by a car.'' He managed to say, but sounded a bit broken. The whole car was silent for the rest of the ride. They hoped Kai would make it.