• Would you bring me flowers,
    Or would you not really care?
    Sometimes I'm not sure
    If you would even be there.

    Would you say a few words
    And would you fight back tears?
    Would you smile at fond memories,
    That you made with me over the years?

    Would you think about me at breakfast?
    Would you think about me at tea?
    Would you see a star that was falling
    And be reminded of me?

    Would you pray to God to have me back?
    Would you ever get up from bed?
    Would you be regretful
    For words that were left unsaid?

    Would you wish you could go back?
    Because sometimes I wish I could too.
    But then I have to remind myself
    That there is nothing I can do.

    I can only hope that you'd be strong.
    But I don't know if you would.
    Moving on would be the best,
    But I don't know if you could.

    I don't know if we'll see tomorrow,
    Or if the sun will fall
    We don't know if we'll live forever,
    We don't know anything at all.