• Chapter 1

    This is a story that’s never been told. It’s a place like no other. Deep in a forest, through a cave of wonders, and into a pool of water. On the other side of these waters lives a tale. If you sink low enough in these waters, you will find land. Here you will only see a totem pool of a bird and vines draped over bushes. This is a secret no one knows of. If you pat the bird’s nose three times, open the vines, there will be a passage into a dark cave. Follow me as I tell you this story in which I lived upon as a child. This figment of imagination, in which none has heard, or believed.
    I live by the name Suzie. My last name? I don’t have one that I know of. I am a orphaned girl. My temporary last name is Sherwood. Where I live? I don’t have a place I like to call home. I am a young girl at the age of sixteen, but I have understood death, murder, and rape, at a younger age than the rest. I was only four when this had happened. I knew nothing of my last name till I found out where my real home was. It was, here.

    “Suzie! Wake up, it’s breakfast!” Shouted a girl with orange hair with an innocent face. She had light brown eyes with long eyelashes, her hair went down to her back and her bangs were cut straight across her face. She had two bunny ears that flopped to the side of her head and a fluffy bunny tail. She was beautiful. She lives immortally at the age of nineteen.
    “Carmella, I’m getting up, now stop shaking me and please move away from my face.” I mumbled while rubbing my eyes , which then was followed by a yawn. I wore a striped pink pajamas with pink fuzzy slippers.
    “She’s right, Carmella. If she looks at your face any longer, she might barf.” Stated a male stuck at the age of seventeen with a smirk. He had pure black hair that stopped at his neck, his bangs were right above his eyes and swept to the side. He had golden eyes and a pair of black cat ears above his head that also came with a matching black tail.
    “Don’t be mean to her, Drake.” This time a different man came in scolding the cat man, Drake. “Suzie, breakfast is going to be done in a few minutes, come on let’s walk together.” He told me. He had navy blue wings popping out of his back. He had short spiky hair that, I thought, had to much gel on. He was still at eighteen years old. He held out a hand or me to grab. I stared at it for a second then got up by my self.
    “It’s okay, Jess. I can walk fine. Now, I want all of you out of my room. I‘m going to the bathroom. I‘ll be out for breakfast in a second.” I excused myself and left to my bathroom.
    This is where I live. Where I call home. A land no one knows of. A place where only the luckiest people have faces. Drake, Carmella, and Jess are what we call here, Royal. I’m a wander, but I was taken in by Carmella after I sank through water, trying to commit suicide by drowning myself in an uncharted lake I found in middle of a forest, a forest where my temporary family lived next to.
    Here I’m known as a Royal too. I had eyes which made a big difference here. In this place we called Endless, we are treated as if kings and queens.
    “Endless, a place where nobody can enter, I wonder why I’m here.” I asked myself as I turned on the shower and tested the warmth of the water. I stripped and hopped in. “I wonder if Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood will know if I’m gone. I mean it’s been a month already.” I questioned. My head was filled with so many questions I wanted to know. every time I asked to know about something, the Commoners, as Royals like to call the people who don’t have eyes, they say, “I’m sorry miss, that question is unable to answer” or an excuse to leave me. I sighed.
    “Miss Espoir, it’s often not good for your health to talk to yourself.” squeaked a little white bear that sat on my soap dish stand. Espoir meant “hope” in French. I was told that I was the heir of the Endless place.
    My mom was some angel type thing and my dad was a creepy demon or something like that. My mom found out we were going to be attacked by an army which couldn’t be stopped by the North side of Endless. There are four sides to Endless. Just like Earth, but a whole other world. It had North, East, South, and West, North is where every creature type person could live in peace. In other words, The Hope Land. For my safety she planted me into a random chick on Earth. When I turned four, the lady who gave birth to me and the father who raised me had died. The lady who gave birth to me was raped and killed by the men who killed my true parents. The father who raised me died from being eaten alive by a beast, whom was allied to those who had killed both my families.
    After about fifteen minutes in the shower or so, I got out. I wrapped a towel around me and walked into my room to get clothes. I had walked out thinking to myself what to wear today. I was picky with my clothes and how they matched or not. Carmella told me it was usual for a girl. I silently giggled to myself as I reached my closet.
    “Hey, Suzie, I’m trying not to sound like a pervert and all, but I can’t help but say, dam! You’re smokin’ hot. Are you trying to tease me?” Drake had asked, he was laying on the door and looking at me the whole time I walked out of my bathroom. Which I might add could probably be like a ten minute walk.
    “Shut up you idiot. I’m not a stripper show that can be viewed for free.” I told him with my head and hands rummaging my closet, which I might add, was huge! I think it was four feet deep and eight feet in length.
    “Oh, so If I paid you, you’d let me have a night?” he asked with a smirk. I laughed and smiled.
    “Sure, apparently I came from a stripper to a prostitute! Wonderful! It’s always been a dream of mine. Thank the Lord I got my dream job” I joked with him and rolled my eyes as he smiled.
    “Good, now Carmella and Jess are downstairs how about-”
    “No, Drake. If you screw with me, I swear I will pop a dam load of kick a** on you.” I explained as I found what I was going to wear. A red tight dress with a black leather mini jacket and black two-inch platform shoes.
    “Awe, what a waste of sexy.” He uttered with a fake puppy dog face. I laughed. He walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me. “You do know I really do love you right?” he had asked me seriously.
    I moved my hands to his arms and touched them lightly then turned around and hugged him, “I know, but, Drake. I don’t want you to love me. What if something happens to me? I don’t want to have you hurt because of me.” I explained. He put his chin on top of my head.
    He sighed, “It only hurts me when you say that your going to die. Are you planning suicide again? You better not, Sue.” he whispered to me. I smiled with tears falling down my eyes.
    “No, I’m not gong to.” I promised as I looked at my slit left wrist, which was slightly covered with a golden bracelet that had a carved pearl heart dangling down the golden ringlet that Drake gave me after confessing to me. Drake often had his bad boy phase on. It makes me just want to hold him forever when he’s like this. I looked up at him. I looked into his lovely golden eyes, “Drake, to be honest. I’ve-” Crash!
    Drake and I fell to the floor our faces only about two inches apart, our legs entwined, my body on top of his. “Carmella! Don’t ever come in the kitchen again!” Jess had shouted. I laughed with Drake. It was then I noticed I forgot to get dressed. My towel, terrifyingly, was on the verge of falling down. I turned a little red, but quickly re-wrapped my towel.
    “Uh, Drake. Can you leave my room?” I asked as he shook his head and sat legs crossed. I sighed, “Can you at least turn around?” he nodded and sat the other way.
    I quickly got dressed and looked at my mirror, my chocolate light brown hair fell to my shoulders, it was layered perfectly. My eyes had an alluring pair of chocolate matching eyes. I quickly did a light touch of make-up; blush, eyeliner on my tear ducts, and mascara. I looked at Drake through the mirror. He wasn’t turned around. Disappointment fell upon me. I shook it off. “Kay, I’m done.” I notified Drake, who turned around and looked at how short my dress was. He furrowed his brows.
    “No.” He objected as he observed. Then looked into my eyes. I only saw lust.
    “Jerk!” I playfully yelled and opened my door then ran out and to the kitchen with Drake following my trails closely. It was when we reached the second story library he caught me. We both laughed. He snuggled his face into my chest.
    “So squishy!” He happily sighed as I turned beet red.
    “Suzie! Drake! If you both don’t get our asses out to the kitchen, I swear to god, I will cut off your ‘business’ Drake! Don‘t touch Suzie, Drake! Suzie, I’m going to have Carmella make you eat her food for a whole month!” Jess shouted, which must’ve been loud, since we could hear it on the second floor. Drake look scared. He grabbed my hand and ran faster than he had trying to chase me.

    After about five minutes, Drake and I reached the bottom of the stairs and went to the kitchen. There we saw, I think, food on our plates. It looked like a black ball. Almost hockey puck like. I went to my seat and scratched it with my fork. I thought I heard a roar come from the ‘food’.
    “Carmella was ‘cooking’ when I went into the spice cabinets.” Jess explained, “Now she won’t let me make anything edible until you two eat it.” he sighed.
    Carmella looked at me with a smile. Drake bit his black ball of poison, “terrible!” he whispered and ran out the kitchen. Probably went to the bathroom to throw up. I tasted a tiny bit. Let’s just say that I never came out the bathroom till I yesterdays dinner came out of my mouth.
    Once I finished puking. Drake was already at his seat, Jess was cooking again, and Carmella was strapped onto a chair, mouth shut with a towel. Drake and Jess we’re having a casual conversation. I felt bad for Carmella, but I couldn’t untie her, or she’ll make me throw up my stomach bag or something.
    When I walked in only Carmella saw me. The other two hadn’t yet. I could hear them talk about me. I put my index finger to my lips and looked straight at Carmella. I added a silent, Shh. I then walked behind the arched wall. I listened very carefully.
    “Jess, We have to get her out of here!” Drake was shouting in a whispered tone. I felt tears drop down my face. Why do you want me to leave, Drake? I thought you loved me. Carmella was making a big ruckus. I heard the banding of the floor from a chair. “If she stays here any longer… we’ll have to kill her.” Drake had whispered with a darkness to Jess.
    “I know. Wha-” I had run out of the house not turning back. I didn’t want to hear what Jess wanted to say. I cried and cried my way through a maze. How could they do this? How could they lie to me? How could they want to kill me? I wanted to leave Endless. I can’t stand it anymore! I screamed a blood curdling scream as I felt pain in my chest. Then, darkness took my sight. The last I saw, was a tree. It was pure white. The leaves falling from it were silver, the stump had a pearl like color and shine.

    “Amelia?” I heard a distant woman’s voice. “Amelia! Oh, sweetheart! Please be alive!” My eyes started to slowly open.
    “Who’s… Amelia?” I asked as I shakily got up and looked at the woman who had blond hair, crystal blue eyes, and slim face. The woman stared at me with tears and then hugged me.
    “You, must have lost some parts of your life. Darling, I’ll take care of you.” She cried on my shoulder. I was in utter confusion. Wasn’t I… Aren’t I… Who am I? I patted her back and stood up. She was beautiful. She wore a white tunic style dress that was only about 5 inches off the ground. She had white shiny satin heels. She looked like an angel.
    “Mom?” I asked as she smiled a cheerful smile.
    “Yes darling?” She replied as she took my hand and pulled my away from the tree I awoke by. It had a weird vibe coming from it. The tree had a black stump and dull leaves falling from it. I took my eyes away from it and saw a black castle. It wasn’t very, well, inviting. The outside was dark, a weird aura comes from it. I saw bones from creatures all over the floor.
    One was a fresh addition. Half of his body still had flesh. Maggots were eating him. Then I saw some bat like creature fly in and ate the rest clean. All I saw left after they flew away were the bones, the ribs had sharp teeth marking dented into the bones. One bone from the arm had broken off the body. I wanted to cry, but all I did was laugh.

    We walked into the castle. It had many alive people hanging from the ceiling. I felt horrified. However, my body smiled evilly. I looked at them with a sinful face. They looked scared. They screamed in pain as someone cut them. I laugh again. They were being chopped into little pieces. I felt something fluster on my back.
    I stared at my back. They were bat wings in the color of bloody red. I stared at them confused. I looked for stairs on the first floor. I saw a maid with small black raven like wings fly to the next floor. I sighed and tried to fly. It had take me three hours to finally get use to controlling the wings.
    I flew up the stairs and went to a room, I’m guessing it’s mine. It’s like a feeling I have. I knew it was my room. I looked into a mirror that was sitting on the side of I think a closet. I looked at it.
    The reflection I looked at felt wrong. I had black hair that went down my back and stopped somewhere down the middle of the back. I had long black bangs that went to the left side of my face. I had long black eyelashes. Ruby red lips, and the thing that terrified my most, were the bloody red eyes I had. This isn’t me! I know it! I cried in my head. The person in the mirror whispered, “hungry,” then walked back down stairs.
    I flew downstairs lightly, almost gracefully. There I saw a maid with a silver plate on it. She looked at me then showed me her plate. It had a glass of red liquid in it. My body moved and grabbed the cup. I gulped it, hungry and thirsty. I knew I was a vampire now… I couldn’t help the facts, but I don’t know who the real me is anyways.
    “Young miss. Your study is in session. Please do not make your professor wait on you.” A butler had reminded me about what was happening.
    I starred at him, “You dare tell me that the professor is waiting for me? He is just to early is all.” I told him then licked whatever blood I had left in range I could drink then looked at the maid who was bowing and holding her plate out. I placed my cup on the plate. “Next time, I would want to have O positive blood. Take Sir B negative out to be lashed for talking to me so, Miss A positive.” I commanded the maid. I’m not sure what’s happening, but I feel like I know this life.
    I walked away and into a study room down the hall. There stood a man I felt like I knew. My heart raced I remember his name.
    “Drake.” I whispered with my eyes widen, I felt like I knew this man. The man I called Drake looked at me with an eyebrow raised. My eyes drifted back to it’s lazy and bored look, who was he again? “Have you killed that princess yet, professor?” I asked him as I walked to a wine cup full of blood. I grabbed the cup off the coffee table, which was laid out with all kinds of books, and went to go sit in a giant couch.
    “No, Princess Fantasy.” He had admitted with his back faced towards me. I felt his body tense up. I sipped out of the glass wine cup and stared at him.
    I held the cup over the arm of the chair. I shifted my stare toward the blood. “You don’t intend to kill her, do you?” I questioned still looking at the blood.
    He didn’t say anything. Just as I got up he shouted, “I can’t! I cannot kill someone I’ve fallen in love with!” My eyes widen. I felt a pang in my chest. It felt as though someone had shoved a knife into my heart. I put the glass don back on the coffee table. I walked over to him and in front of his face. He looked at the ground. My hand had moved to his face and caressed him lightly. His face had harden the second I touched him.
    I was angry. I wanted this girl dead as soon as possible! My hand left his face and went backwards and then to his face again. “You, are despicable. I have no use for you!” I shouted after I had slapped him. “This girl, I want dead as soon as possible!” I shouted at the man with tears coming down my face. His face was full of shock.
    He smirked, “Princess Fantasy, you do not get it, do you? Both you and this absurd land will fall into ruins. Princess Espoir is far more greater than you. Her loves is incomparable. Her wisdom is indescribable. Her beauty is far greater than yours. She is the one meant to rule this world.” He stated and held his cheek, where I had slapped.
    I was horrified from what I was listening to. “Stop spouting nonsense! You, which side are you on? Did you not give her hostage in your lovely home, so that I could kill her?” I asked with a smirk. He looked pained. “Your mother and father were weak and absolute idiots. They were willing to give you away for there own lives, “ I explained as my smirk got bigger, “Betray. It runs in your blood.” I sneered. My smirk now turned into a joyful laugh. “Face it, Sir Drake. This game has already begun... “I took a breath and headed for the door, “with the favors in my hand.” I whispered as I walked out from the study.

    I stood in my mothers room. She stood in front of a giant full body mirror. She looked at me from the mirror and sighed.
    “Darling, what is the matter?” She asked putting the dress she held down on her giant bed. She came over and hugged me after examining my face. “So much like your father. I‘m glad your moving again. You laid in your room, lifeless and cold.” she explained. I raised an eyebrow and pushed her away. Mother looked confused and started crying.
    “Mother, what’s wrong?” I asked as I laid my hand on her shoulder. She looked at me with teary eyes.
    “I’m just so glad you’re moving again!” She had restated and hugged me again, this time tighter than the first. “I was so glad when the maids told me that you were walking again! They told me you went to the dark tree in the garden!” she explained. “Then you spoke! I was so, so glad.” She sobbed. I patted her back, confused.
    I sighed. What did happen? I only remember the format of the house. My mind is very sketchy. “It’s okay mother, but I must leave. To be honest, your fuzzy feelings for me is making me sick. I want to throw up mother.” I had spoken bluntly. Mother went to her bed shocked. She started crying as soon as she sat on the bed. I walked out of her room. “So weak and easily manipulated.” I had stated and walked to the garden.

    After a few minutes, I had found the tree I awoke from. I stared at it. “what happened to me? Why does this body feel like something I do not know.” I asked as I moved closer to the tree. My eyes widen quickly. I felt as though I was dying. I collapsed onto the floor, gasping for air. I held my throat, it felt as though they were burning. My sight became blurry. “What…” my vision went black.

    “Sue! Where are you!” I heard Carmella shout. She was inside the house I could tell from the pitch of her voice. I blinked, confused.
    “I-” I was ready to yell. However, I remembered what happened in the kitchen. I was right next to the gates of the front yard. Just let me make the maze without trouble, I begged silently. Right then, beautiful pure white wings popped out from my back. It didn’t rip my clothes, as if where the wings and my shoulder blades met there was nothing there.
    I gasped and touched them lightly. The wings, my wings flapped lightly. I walked to the gate quietly. It was there I saw Drake. My eyes widen as did he.
    “Sue,” He was in shocked as his finger pointed to my white wings, “You. Wings. What’s happening?” He asked stammering.
    For some reason I was in a panic. Not just panic, but also anger. Not anger like in the house, but a different reason. Like, betrayal. His hand moved towards my cheek. Angrily, I slapped it away. I glared at him and yelled with hatred, “Traitor!” Then my wings took off. Drake was to in shock at what I had said. He had a spot on his cheek, it looked as if he was slapped. I saw Jess in the air and went a little faster than I was, which I wasn’t going very fast at all, it was more like I was flapping to go up then in a rush to get away.
    “Suzie!” Drake had shouted from the ground, which made Jess look my way.
    “Dammit!” I whispered to myself with tears falling. Jess saw me, I was hard to miss I mean it is sunset, the sky is pink and orange and I’m over here with glowing white wings. Jess was flying towards me fast. “s**t!” I shouted and my wings flew urgently.

    Jess tailed me till we went to a forest near the ground, he had lost me. I still had tears on overflowing. I sat on a branch that an enormous tree grew. I looked around with teary eyes, “Carmella, Jess… Drake…” I whimpered, “Why would you betray me? Why me?” I asked myself.
    “Suzie! Suzie!” Jess was flying above the forest looking for me. I moved my knees to my chest and cried.
    Something touched my shoulder. I moved scared. It was my imagination, just an imaginary Drake. I giggled lowly. “I’m hallucinating now…” I told myself as the imaginary Drake started talking.
    “Suzie, you have to come back home.” It implied. I stared at it for a second and smiled.
    “What home? The place I took refuge with enemies?” I asked as the imaginary Drake look pained. “Your playing with my mind aren’t you, Drake? Your allowed to talk like this aren’t you? You can only track me if I look like the person you want to communicate with, right?” I asked Drake. I remembered these people had certain powers.
    Drake’s eyes widen, “No, Sue! You can’t do that! We have to fi-” I had flew away from the branch. Drake’s mind followed me. He flew next to me or some what. I had flown to the shoppers market. I grabbed my wallet out of my leather jacket. I bought hair dye. I was going to become a blond. I swiped my debut card punched in the numbers.
    Drake’s mind had followed me. “I know Jess is coming for me. It’s fine. I’ll have changed by then. You’re a fool for trying to kill me.” I had spoke to Drake’s mind, but I looked ahead acting as if nothing was next to me. I walked by an antique shop. I looked in the mirror and saw my eyes change from warm chocolate eyes to a pair of horrifying bloody red eyes. Drake’s mind had disappeared. He was going to find me soon.
    I went into a commoners home, since I was a Royal, then dyed my hair. After awhile, I became a dirty blond. I smiled. I was a dirty blond with red eyes. I smiled wickedly into the mirror. I walked out of the door after thanking the people. I saw Jess walk to house asking if they’ve seen me. My eyes widen as he ran towards this house.
    “Suzie!” He yelled. I cursed under my breath. I forgot my wings showed. I ran from him like I had robbed a bank and he’s the cop. I started to fly, but then something jumped on my back.
    “Crap!” I cried as I hit the floor. It was Carmella on me. “Carmella. You’re a traitor too. Aren’t you? Jess too.” I implied as Drake fell from a building and landed safely on his feet. He looked at me with worry on his face. I wanted to hurt them. I wanted them to perish. I clenched my teeth together. “Kill me now. Quit being such a wimp and kill me now! I’d rather die knowing when it will come, then by surprise!” I snapped at Drake. Hurt struck his face.
    “Suzie.” Jess had spoke. I was on my knees my arms behind my back held by both Carmella and Jess. “Sue it’s no-”
    “It’s not what I think? It’s never what I think. Is it?” I asked mocking him. I couldn’t see his expression. He knew when I said that, he meant when I was living with them. None of them spoke, instead Drake took my wrist and kissed the bracelet he gave me.
    My body felt as though it was burning. I screamed. Jess and Carmella let me go, but I couldn’t move. The bracelet was burning my whole body to much. Drake picked me up and put me on his shoulders. I cried in pain. He started toward the house.

    It only took about two minutes for Drake to get to the house. He was faster than anyone you would know. I was still crying. Drake laid me on the couch. My eyes had an unbearable burn to it. My hands moved to my eyes. My nails had grown and I had started to scratch my eyes. Drake sprung towards me and moved my hands before I did any damage to myself. He grabbed my wrist and kissed my bracelet again. The pain slowly disappeared.
    “Sue. I didn’t want to hurt you, but I had no choice.” He stated as he held my wrist. I growled and bit his neck. There were two holes in his neck with white bubbles around them. He fell to the floor in pain. “Suzie, You never finished what you were going to say.” He groaned.
    “What are you talking about. Quit spouting nonsense.” I commanded him, “What are you talking about, idiot?” I asked him as his eyes opened slightly.
    “I mean this morning. You said, ‘Drake, to be honest I’ve’ then the crash happened. What was the rest of it? I want to hear.” He asked desperately.
    Tears fell from my face. “The person from before… she’s not here anymore. I am Fantasy.” I told him as he looked at me with surprise and deep pain.
    “How do you know her?” He asked me. I smirked.
    “I just told you. I am her. Traitor.” I restated, “Do words from this girl go through one ear and out the other?” I asked head toward the door.
    Once I opened the door, Jess and Carmella stood there. Jess took hold of me as Carmella went to go check Drake.
    “Suzie! What happened to Drake!” Carmella asked crying then turned her head to look at me. “He was injected with venom! Jess, he’s going to die!” Carmella screamed. As she held her glowing healing hand towards Drake’s chest.
    She started ripping Drake’s shirt. “Don’t touch him!” I yelled at Carmella with tears falling. “Don’t… touch him…” I whispered. I’m going to kill Drake? I don’t want that! Jess was in shock as he heard Carmella. His strength had weakened. I got loose from his grip and ran towards Drake. “Drake, don’t die! Please!” I begged him. I fell to my knees next to him and hugged him.
    “Suzie… Your eyes… I like them brown, just like they are now.” He stated and hugged me back weakly. He smiled at me. “I want to hear what you were going to say, when I wake up.” He mentioned with a chuckle.
    “What I was going to say this morning Drake, is that I love you too! Don’t leave me! Not yet! Please, we still have so much we need to do!” Suzie cried on his chest.
    “Suzie move!” Carmella screamed and pushed me away. Drake held my hand as Carmella’s healing hands went over Drake’s heart. She was crying. Drake held tightly onto my hand.
    “Carmella, please heal him… please…” I whimpered, “I’m not sure what I’d do without him!” I shouted. Drake’s grip on my hand had loosened. “Drake! You can‘t leave! I love you too much! Don‘t leave!” I shouted for help as he was slowly drifting away. Drake’s eyes had closed. He had a smile before he went to his never awakening sleep. His grip was gone. His hand didn’t hold mine. My eyes widen then I caressed his hand to my face.
    “Suzie… He’s gone” Carmella stated with tears. Her voice was hoarse from giving to much effort.
    I cried on his bare chest. I laid here for a week, until Carmella and Jess grabbed him and took him to get cremated. I begged and yelled at them to tell them he was just sleeping. Carmella and Jess had taken him away anyways. They took him away in tears.