• Stand alone on the street ,

    in the dark, in the rain .

    Drip drop drip drop .

    A dark puddle,

    a bleeding arm,

    a crying boy.

    Tears mix with the blood ,

    causing a washed out dark color on the dreary pavement.

    A scream,

    a cry of pain,

    then the scuffing of running in sneakers.

    Children watch him in the shadows, watching him run. Looking for a safe place, for security. He trips on a loose shoe string and falls into an oily puddle of murky water. The shuffle of feet and he is helped up. He looks and sees a small girl. Silently she pulls him towards a house. All the lights are on. But there isn’t a sound. The small girl shuts and locks the door behind them carefully. They are in a kitchen. The boy looks around in wonder, as the small girl walks out into another room. The boy looks out the window above the sink. Red eyes stare back at him and he backs up, and bumps into the small girl and another boy. He had blonde hair. “Joe,” she said, then, “I’m Hallie.” the boy nodded at the boy named Joe. “I’m Kelly,” he said , peering at the window above the sink. “Good. We need to help the others.” Joe said, looking at the window as well. “There are others?” the boy asked. “yes, they need our help,” Hallie replied. “Hallie, we have to save my brother!” Hallie looked at Joe and smirked. “We’ll get him, before They do.” “Who exactly are “They”?”, Kelly asked. Hallie gestured for them to follow her into the other room. “I don’t exactly know, but I do know this; They are The Children who died in the plant a few miles away…” “Well, what do these children want with us?”
    ~To Be Continued