• Prologue

    "Oh, ho! Well, well, well, who do we have here? My, it be the great Majesty himself!" the dark shadow sneered. Toshiro hurriedly searched his mind for a way to escape. "There's no way out this pit, you do know that, yes? Mr. Majesty." The shadow snorted. Slowly, the shadow came nearer and closer, until Toshiro finally saw who he was. It was Hahan, the evil lord, himself. "What do you want, Hahan!?" Toshiro bellowed, this shout soaking up the little confidence in himself he had left. Hahan laughed harshly. He immediately stopped, and gave a smirk. "Don't you know, Toshiro? I want your kingdom. That's what I want." "Well, what else do you want, Hahan, do you want my family, too?" Toshiro drawled sarcastically.
    "Ah, of course. I was just getting on to that point, Toshiro. Of course I want your family, but more importantly, your daughter. Mira-chan." Hahan explained. Toshiro stared in horror at this evil man. He had taken him seriously, and in turn, he had gotten a straight answer. "You knew, Hahan, you knew Mira could do that." Toshiro had put two and two together and realized that Hahan needed...no, wanted, to use Mira's special powers. His dear, darling Mira, and loving, kind Ayame, his wife.
    But, no. He could not give up a kingdom, nevertheless his family. He owned it. But now he was falling, melting, crumbling down to the earth. It didn't make sense. Why would the merciless Hahan strike now?