• Two guards held Crow by her arms behind her back, one of their feet pressed hard on her back covering up some black words on her spine. She growled and he pressed harder, digging into her bare flesh. Her short black hair covered her eyes, her green eyes watching between her hair. Her breath was in quick breaths and she studied the room for any exits. A man came through the door, he wore long blue robes and his eyes were a bright blue that went his blond hair nicely. Crow scoffed as he looked at her and turned her head from him; he frowned and sat at the desk in front of her. He rested his head on his hands, watching her carefully, his eyes wandered to her black dress; it cut low in the back, mostly to her hips and had gold thread twisted in the seams giving a pretty decorative effect.
    She looked up, her straight black silk hair moved slightly out of her way so she could see him. Deo raised an eyebrow but sighed out slowly, "So...Why were you in my estate this evening?" He asked calmly, his voice was like smooth velvet and sounded as if the truth laid in it.
    "I was sent...” She whispered then coughed a bit, her voice was horse from drinking no water for many days.
    "Mind telling me who sent you?" Deo asked again, he was just full of questions it seemed.
    "The King of Aragon sent me, he’s scared the leader of vampire hunters is going to come and destroy his nice little kingdom...” She said darkly and she let her head fall, god she was tired.
    "I see, and why would he send a little girl like yourself?"
    She raised her head and smirked slightly. "Because I’m an offering you could say..."
    This time Deo raised his head from his hands, his mind was buzzed with trying to think about the statement she had just given him. The cool night air blew in threw an open window, making it smell like dew and fresh earth. "I see, and how are you an offering in any way to me?" Deo asked standing up slowly, he waved his hand and the guards let her arms go. She dropped face to the floor, growling slightly and stood up carefully. Her shoulders cried out to her telling her to stop moving but she ignored them.
    "Well I’m not human so I guess that could be one useful thing...” Crow said smiling slightly; he returned it in a way.
    "Your not? Now you have some of my attention...Explain will you?" He asked watching her carefully, she turned from him.
    On her back were words, right down her spine spelled JOKER in big black bold letters. If you focused your eyes right you could see scars all over her body, light like her skin almost like whipping marks. Two fresh looking ones went down on her shoulder blades; they were thick and almost a forearm long. She turned her head and looked back at him, a smirk on her face. Deo only studied her for a second and started walking up to her, he placed his rough hand on her back slowly, almost gentle that made Crow slightly nervous, she tensed slight but she didn’t say anything while forcing herself to relax. "So, you’re a pet in a way right? Hmm...” Deo whispered and Crow laughed slightly.
    "A pet? You mind is cruel...Very nice...” Deo raised an eyebrow and turned from her; he sighed out slowly then took in a breath.
    "I'll let you be my companion as I travel around the world getting rid of vampires...” He said slowly, to make sure she got in every detail.
    "Even though you aren’t human yourself?" She whispered still looking straight ahead and Deo came up behind her, he smirked. A fang showed in front of his lip and he leaned down slightly to whisper in her ear.
    "Exactly...Now what is your name?" He asked silently, still in her space and breathing on her neck slightly.
    It tickled, making her shiver. She opened her mouth and hesitated slightly, "I am Crow, the bloody joker..."
    Deo smiled a bit at her name, "So you are of the Royal Card Killer family I see...” Crow turned to him, their faces only slightly apart. She breathed out slowly; she reached into her pocket and took out a card that had orange and black design on one side. She flipped it over and a joker was on it, but it was in a black in orange jester outfit with a mask on, it held a scythe in its hands, it looked silver but if you looked closely you could see red on it.
    "My card...” She breathed on his face and he took a hand out slowly, and then plucked the card from her hand. She was his now...until one or both of them died or she got her family card back.
    "Let the games begin...” Deo whispered and the candle that lit the room went out and the eerie dark filled the room.