• “So then I was like, dude, why are you following me? You are such a creeper!” Drea said continuing on with her story of how she was being followed by what she called “A Creeper” in the hall way.
    “Drea!” Cana yelled filled with rage. Drea shook her head, no.
    “Drea,” I said barging in, “go sit with her. After all she still is your friend.”
    “But then you will be all alone.” She said.
    “I won’t be all alone!” I said defending myself.
    “Really who are you going to be sitting with?”
    “Edan,” I whispered, abashed.
    “I just knew it!” she shrieked. “I can just see it now.” She threw her arms out in front of her. “Two romantic star-crossed lovers on their first date!” She let out a deep sigh, “Doesn’t it seem wonderful. I just knew you two would end up together.”
    “Ok, whoa, first of all it doesn’t seem wonderful. Second; you don’t really know people like that. And third we are defiantly absolutely not star-crossed lovers!”
    “Come on! Be excited! There aren’t very many cute guys here, which I find rather disappointing because when I play Cute Guy, Ugly Guy about ninety-five percent of the time it comes out ugly. And I do not like it when they come out ugly.”
    “Well when I play Crazy Girl, Normal Girl ninety-five percent of the time I get crazy, normally because I land on you.” I laughed as Drea gave me a glare.
    “Hai, that wasn’t very nice. You hurt my feelings, say you’re sorry.” Drea gave a fake sob covering a laugh.
    “O’ I’m sorry Drea,” I said patting the top of her head, “will you forgive me?”
    “Maybe,” She said changing her mood.
    I laughed happily and glanced over at Cana who stared at me, blue eyes outlined with black. “Drea, why don’t you head over be Cana now?”
    “Ok if you insist Miss Star-Crossed Lover,” Drea teased walking away.
    I walked over and sat down, tapping my black coated nails on the table. I rested my hand on my cheek, and somehow ended up closing my eyes.
    “Hey,” I was jolted away by a cold nudge. The terrible nightmare disappeared from my sight, Edan standing in its place. “Fell asleep?”
    “Surprisingly, yes.” I said rubbing my eyes.
    “Why is that surprising?” He spoke sitting down next to me.
    “I haven’t been able to sleep lately.”
    I paused for a moment, “I’ve been having some nightmares lately.”
    “Nightmares? Has something been bothering you? Do you want to talk about it?” Edan’s voice was heavy with compassion.
    “You are just full of questions aren’t you?”
    “I thought we already discussed that I find you interesting.”
    “O’ yeah that,” I couldn’t help but blush again.
    “I apologize if that makes you uncomfortable.”
    “Uhm, no, its fine! Well if I’m so interesting, what do you want to know?”
    “Just, about you I guess. Just tell me anything about you.”
    “Uhm, ok!” I jumped. This was awkward for me, just being around him made me slightly jumpy. “Well I live in Crystal Lake. My favorite colors are red and black, but most of all I love silver! I want to be a journalist, a poet, or just some form of writer.” I felt very embarrassed. I just wanted to run back to my dorm and be aloof from everyone.
    “That is rather fascinating.”
    “Well then you won’t mind if I ask about you?”
    “Not at all,” he laughed. “I lived in New York City. I prefer the color black. And I would like to be a doctor or a surgeon.”
    “New York City? I’m guessing you came to flee any other murders, like the one in April? O’ my goodness that was so sad! I was just crying my eyes out!”
    His eyes widen as he quickly glanced away, avoiding my eyes. “Yeah, but Chicago wasn’t the best place to come was it?”
    “I guess not.” This story seemed to bother Edan, in fact it seemed to terrify him slightly.
    “Well it’s not important why I’m here.” He looked down at me. “Not hungry?” I stared below me; I had forgotten to grab something to eat.
    “Yeah. Same with you?” I muttered noticing that he had done the same.
    “Not really.”
    “Well maybe you should eat something, you don’t look well.” I spoke while placing my hand against his forehead. He didn’t seem warm at all, not one bit.
    “Hai, I can assure you I am fine,” he said lowering my hand placing it gently on the table.
    “Ok, well then I’d better get going I have lots of work to do,” I said rushing away, an uneasy feeling devouring me.

    CHAPTER 26!!!!!!!!!!! (ur gonna flip!)

    Truthfully Edan didn’t feel well. His head was still pounding, and now he felt like he couldn’t stand. But he didn’t tell Hai, he didn’t want her to worry. If he had told her, she mostly likely would have freaked out and taken him to see the nurse, and that would be trouble.
    But yet, just being with her would cause trouble. But he just couldn’t help it. He felt like there was a bond between them, something he couldn’t explain. He refused to tell her it would be better off if they kept their distance, she was broken already. He didn’t want to add on to her feeling of brokenness and take away what little good was left in her life.
    There was just no way. He couldn’t. He was just afraid for her. Because he was starting to fall in love with her; the little pixie-like, choppy black haired, brown eyed, broken girl. He was falling in love with Hai.