• I sat down lethargically; I had yet another restless night, abundant of embers and smoke. I rested my cheek on my hand.
    “Tired?” Edan laughed sitting next to me.
    “Yes,” I whispered. I pulled out a black notebook, opening to the first page, my carefully printed handwriting pressed onto it. The words seemed to melt on the paper.
    “That was really good, what you wrote yesterday,” he said awkwardly, breaking the silence.
    “Uhm, thank you,” I muttered, “well now that you have read mine, may I read yours?”
    He leaned down pulling out a notebook himself, opening to the first page, and sliding it in front of me. I read each word with care.
    The pistol fired. But I had more important things on my mind than the charging bullet. The little girl being sheltered from it. No matter what she said I wouldn’t move. My well being wasn’t important, nor was my life. All that that truly mattered was her; small and innocent, with a full life ahead of her. Only her life mattered. Nothing else in the world was important. Just her.
    I stared up, our teacher deep in lecture. I carefully write underneath the words.
    Wow, Edan, this is amazing. I slid the notebook back over to him.
    It’s nothing compared to what you write.
    Nothing? This is great, where did you get the idea for this?
    It just came out of nowhere I guess. He seemed nervous at the question.
    Please this kind of stuff just doesn’t come out of nowhere! Come on tell me the truth.
    I really don’t know, it was just a last minute thing.
    Well your last minute is very good, it seems like you where there yourself!
    Yeah like I was there. Very funny.
    I was joking you know. But your details, it gives me the impression you know what it’s like.
    I try.
    This is more than trying! It would have taken be forever to think of this.
    I’m a fast thinker then.
    I guess so…….
    Suspicious of something?
    No not at all, why?
    It just seemed that way.
    Well I was deep in thought.
    And what were you thinking about?
    ….. Everything.
    And what is “everything”?
    Everything that I can think of at once.
    And how many things can you think of?
    More than is imaginable.
    Really? That’s interesting.
    Haha. Why is that so interesting?
    Because you are an interesting girl.
    I’m not interesting at all.
    Of course you are, well at least to me you are.
    Haha. Yeah, right, you find me, of all people, interesting. You’ve got to be kidding me.
    I’m not. To me you are very interesting; it’s just something about you that I just like.
    You really think that?
    Of course. The story you wrote about your mother, I found that interesting. I want to know more about her, and about you.
    You do?
    Well, I find you interesting too, well actually more so fascinating.
    Yes. Fascinating.
    Haha. This is why I find you interesting. You just have this way of doing things.
    Well you have a way of doing things too.
    One in the same I guess.
    Yeah… one in the same.
    There is something I don’t quite understand about you.
    And what may that be?
    You seem to change often. You come off very shy and quiet. But when you’re with me or Drea for that matter, you seem to lose that part of yourself.
    You’ve meet Drea?
    Yes I have. I was walking past her in the halls when she shot me a creepy look, some sort of glare?
    Haha, that sounds like Drea.
    Any way that is off subject. So why is it you do that? I can understand Drea, but me?
    I guess I just feel comfortable around you for some reason. And you do the same to me, now why is that?
    For the same reasons. I can just be me when I am around you for some reason.
    Haha, very cute, Hai.
    I blushed. Cute?
    The bell gave a small shout, ending our conversation.
    “I’ll see you at dinner?” Edan smiled happily.
    “Yeah. I’ll see you there,” I said sheepishly as I walked away, my heart fluttering.

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