• It's a Monday morning this fine day. The sky is a blue and the birds as singing except for one problem and that is this particular morning it's a school day. The bell rings for class to begin. Everyone rushes to class, you then see a girl with long black hair. She doesn't wear a uniform like the rest of the kids instead she wears a red shirt with a black X on it. Her shirt is blue and short but of normal length. Her eyes are as brown as crayons. She walks to class and then walks in to take her seat. The teacher begins lecture, she sighs as she glances around. Another day and the lectures are still boring as ever. She then spots a blonde boy balancing his pencil on his finger. Why don’t you join the circus? She faces forward and gets a pulsing vein. Show off. The teacher turns to his class.

    Teach “You’ve all done an excellent job on keeping a human appearance but let's be are selves for the rest of the class."

    She sighs. Finally. in a flash everyone becomes demons. The teacher continues the lecture. She then spots an empty desk. Your so lucky Yar you don't have to listen to this boring lecture. Soon class ends and the bell rings for lunch. Everyone leaves in a flash leaving Monika all alone. Typical. She gets up and leaves as she walks the halls she sees kids tease, fight and trash the halls. She keeps to herself as she passes. Can't wait until school's over so I can leave these kids. Moments later she takes her seat near the door of the cafeteria. Her friend Danny and Aly soon join her.

    Danny “I Monika."



    Danny “Can you believe the years almost over?"

    Mo"I know."

    Aly"I know it went by so fast."

    Monika takes a sip and a bite of her sandwich.

    Mo"Yup can't wait."

    Danny “I have to go."

    Mo"Where to?"

    Danny “I forgot it's my to tutor the freshmen."

    She quickly finishes her food.

    Danny “Bye you guys see you in class."

    She runs off.

    Aly & Mo"Bye."

    Aly"So has Yaro told you anything?"

    Mo"Not really just that he's been working his tail off at the toy store."

    A guy with raccon features stands on top of a table and shouts food fight. Monika puts her foot on the table and flips it over; Aly joins her as everyone begins throwing food. It never changes. A girl with orange hair crawls and comes to them. Monika slurps her soda with a blank look on her face.


    Monika burps and throws the can and dunks it in the trash can.


    Girl “Could you help me?"

    She hands it to her. Monika takes a look at it and sees that it's math. A tear goes down the back of her head. Should of known it would be math. Monika hands it back to her.

    Mo"Sorry but math isn't my thing."

    Aly"I'll help you."

    Girl “Really?"


    Aly turns to Monika who sits there in her car.

    Aly"Can I borrow a pencil?"

    Mo"Sure, here."


    Aly begins to help the girl; Monika kneels and begins crawling away.

    Mo"Bye Aly."


    She gets outside and looks around. She goes and sits down, she then notices two guys acting suspicious. What's there deal? She then sees them flip the skirts of some girls, she glances away pissed. Should of seen that coming, even if there demons there still perverts. A guy crawls to her and giggles, he gets ready to flip her skirt when she slams her foot on his face.

    Mo"Nice try perv but unlike the other girl's I don't let me guard down."

    He falls down unconsious, she stands up and walks off. She leaps and lands on the roof, she sits down. I should be safe here.


    She looks and sees Bay.

    Bay"I'll get you this time Monika."

    Monika sighs as she stands. So much for piece and quiet.

    Mo"Let's get this over with before the bell rings."

    Bay charges at her, she takes out a knife and swings it. Monika doges no problem, she then blocks with her sword.

    Mo"I thought after all the fights you would understand that you cant defeat me."

    Bay"Shut up!!"

    Bay pushes her back and swipes, she cuts Monika's check but Monika holds her sword horizontal upon Bay's gut. Bay stares shocked.

    Mo"Let's get this clear, you'll never defeat me so stop trying to pick a fight with me."

    She removes her sword and like a rock Bay falls down. Monika sighs as she wipes her cheek and puts her sword away. She gets ready to jump off when she looks at Bay lay there. A chain wraps around Bay's chest and puts her gently on the floor. Monika lands near her and walks off. School soon ends and she walks home. She feels someone grab her shoulder and thats when she looks back glaring. Two chains rise on both sides of her, Yaro holds up his hand smiling.

    Yar"Hey Mo."

    The chains go back into the ground.

    Mo"Hi Yar what are you doing here?"

    Yar"It's my lunch break and I thought I could walk you home."

    Monika blushes and turns her back.

    Mo"Are you sure it's ok?"

    Yaro"Why are you blushing don't you not want me to walk you home?"

    Mo"No it's just..."

    He walks off.

    Yaro"Then let's go."

    She sees him walk off, she frowns and runs after him.

    Mo"Yaro wait!!"

    She soon catches up and she thanks him.

    Yaro "Mo wait."

    She turns to him and he touches her injured cheek, he closes his eyes and focuses. Her wound heals, she blushes as she stares at him. He stops and smiles at her.

    Yar "Take care."

    He walks off, she touches her face and watches him go. She blushes more and says softly.

    Mo "Take care.

    THe End