• The felid of golden grass and Cherry Blossom tree's was a relaxing, although I was frightend about the movements in the grass. What was it? "BOO!" screamed a Twinkling voice.
    It was a stout chibi type child, looked like a mini Lil' Miss Muffet if you ask me.
    "My name is Kya." said the pixie like child.
    "Um, what are you, who are you, where am I?" I said
    "Your in Talkuia, the best place ever, where all your dreams come true!" said Kya.
    So I ran, I ran as fast as I could, it was no use, Kya might have been stout but she ran like the wind!
    "Whatcha' doin'?" said Kya with a sour look on her face.
    "Im leaving this place, wether you like it or not you fatty!" I yelled in her face.
    It was obvious I was too hard on Kya, because she burted out sobbing.
    "You meany!" screamed Kya.
    I kinda felt sorry for the lil' girl.
    She was quite adorable, as long as she won't bite me or hurt me in any way.
    "Im telling Hauru!" screamed Kya.

    To be continued........