• Alex slammed her locker shut. She sighed as she walked to class. She opened the door to RoomA16, and stepped in.

    Most seats were already full. She took her seat and waited for the teacher to walk in.
    Alex looked around her classroom. The dull, unpainted room was now replaced with a lively, pink room. Hearts were stapled all over the walls, and were mostly everywhere.

    She groaned and wished the holidays would get a break someday.

    Valentine's Day wasn't something a girl like Alex looked up to. She had been crushed and heartbroken recently, and wasn't going to let that happen again.

    Then the teacher walked in, along with a bright blue-eyed brunette. The new boy could have been a Prince Charming for Allison, the head cheerleader.

    But Alex avoided him and pretended that he wasn't even there. Mr. Henry cleared his throat, and announced the new guest, Matthew Collins.

    Matthew smiled a smile that could have made every girl in the room faint at. Alex held in her breath as he walked by her desk. She smiled when he wasn't going to sit by her - but then Matt turned a corner, and walked back up to her and sat in the seat next to her.

    Alex swore under her breath, and knew Mr. Henry told him to sit there because he hated her.
    "Hi," he said dreamily to her. She muttered a "hi" and then looked up at the board Mr. Henry was writing the math problems on.

    Then time flew by quickly. Alex was at first not really kind and didn't want to be, to Matthew. But then since days, and weeks, and even months passed, and over time, she started hanging out with him, giving him answers on the pop quizzes, laughing and joking with him, riding bikes with him, talking, and even smiling at him once in a while. She found out that Matt was a kind guy, with awk - unique parents. The two fought some times, but Matt was also the kind of guy who just forgives someone a second later.

    Then the next year, at Valentine's Day, Alex decided that she should give Matt a chance, and trusted him to keep it.

    But that morning, when she walked to class, she didn't see Matt there. It was weird since he had never missed a day of school. He probably had a stomach flu or something, Alex thought.

    She sighed and slid in her seat. The rest of the school day, Alex was sad, and a little desperate. But then when the school bell rang, she decided that she'd see him tomorrow. But when she was about to get up from her seat, she noticed an envelope with hearts scribbled on it, on her desk.

    She picked it up and opened it. She read the letter, and then tears fell down her cheeks. Matt had ... moved to Texas with his parents because they found better jobs there. He had said 'sorry', and 'goodbye', and 'I'll miss you' in the letter, but Alex was still heartbroken ... again. But then she saw a small scribble at the very end.

    'P.S. I love you'

    That made her feel a bit better, and a small smile formed on her lips. She tucked the letter back in the envelope, and tucked it in her pocket ...