• A middle school girl, about five foot, one inch, sat alone in the school bathroom. Her fists clutched her knees to her chest as her entire frame racked with sobs.

    "God, kill me. I need to die! The only way I'll be able to live is if I'm dead! So, please, just kill me!" She lifted her face to reveal her red, puffy hazel eyes.

    Her short, brown curly hair bobbed slightly as she got up and took her phone from her pocket. She flipped it open as if examining it. The next second the phone was in pieces and a sharp piece of plastic was held to her wrist. She slowly cut.

    Just then her best friend bust down the door to the stall. "What do you think you're doing?!" was yelled as the plastic was grabbed. "Why didn't you try to talk to someone? I though we were friends, yet you betray me like this? Why?"

    "I'm sorry! I just wanted to be free! I'm chained at that damn house! They've done it! They've pushed me over the edge! I'm just so sick and tired of trying to be strong! I'm tired of fighting! I've been fighting! Fighting for as long as I can remember!"

    Small, helpful words were exchanged between the two, and both returned to class after a quick trip to the infirmary.