• Swords clashed and sparks flew as a cloaked woman and a nobleman dueled under the light of a blood red moon. A few demonic eyes followed their movements as the woman moved with their swiftness, yet none had seen her true face before.

    “You’re pretty talented for a wench,” the noble scoffed as she parried his blow and countered with a quick stab at his chest which he knocked aside.

    “I was about to say the same to you,” she said in a bored tone. The noble scoffed and tipped his sword in motion for a death stroke.

    “You dare call me a wench? I’m master of these lands.”

    “I see you as no master, but a lowly being who must learn his place,” the woman countered evenly and vanished before his eyes. He spun in frantic circles, searching for the woman he wanted so badly to slay. “A lost mongrel is all you are.”

    “I’m of royal descent, how dare you demean me? I’ll kill you.” He roared and lashed out wildly, striking at the air around him in hopes of hitting her invisible form.

    “Lineage means nothing to me,” she glowered from a distance as the crimson moon made only her glinting silver and ruby accented eyes visible. Her cloak was soon drifting through the air as its owner charged forward at an ungodly speed, frightening the nobleman so he stood still as a statue as she ran him through with her rapier.

    He gasped for breath as his body had not registered that his heart was no longer of any use. His eyes grew wider in terror as he saw his blood run down the blade and drip off at the swirling silver hand guard. “Wha-what are you?”

    “You are undeserving of that information,” she said simply and ripped out her sword, watching him collapse to the ground and lose his grip on his sword. She glowered at the body and then at the demons who had gathered around them. They skittered away in response as she strode back to where her cloak was being held up by a demon. She snatched it back and drove her weapon through it as well.

    “I say, bravo. I’ve never seen such a lovely show.” The woman turned to stare at the man who was clapping at her performance. An expensive cane was tucked into the elbow of his ivory silk and gold embroidered jacket.

    He was a tall handsome man; well groomed, long, blonde hair adorned his head and complemented his light brown eyes. “You consider death lovely?”

    “But of course, I too am a demon.”

    She lifted her chin and glowered at him. “You lie.”

    He chuckled and stepped closer but stopped once her rapier was level with his throat. “True, I am no demon, but I have an accord with Satan.”

    “What has it to do with me?”

    “I am to choose demons to serve me and my descendents for all eternity unless our contract is broken. I have chosen you as a bodyguard and butler.”

    She couldn’t help but think it was a strange combination of jobs that he wanted to allot her with as she listened, but she could care less as long as her yet unmentioned condition was fulfilled if she accepted. “What have you promised Lucifer in return?”

    “Do you care?” He smiled innocently.


    His face grew solemn as he stared at her. “I swore to him the eternal allegiance of my family.”

    She smiled to herself and lowered her weapon which was still dripping with the nobleman’s blood. “If that is the case, I will serve you.”

    “That’s great.” He smiled and offered his hand which she promptly ignored as she replaced her sword in its sheath. “I am Terence Glothels, the Duke of Veridant.”

    “I am known only as Lucifer’s Angel.”

    The Duke was silent as he eyed her sparse silver armor and unique chain decorated skirt that only went to mid thigh and her tight bustier which accentuated her lean build and elegant stature. “Then we must think of a simpler name to call you.”

    “Address me as you like, I am your servant now. Yet, I have one condition.”

    “And that would be?” Terence glanced at her as she dipped down and soaked two of her fingers in the dead man’s blood.

    “I wish to be paid in blood.” She said simply as she examined the flowing red liquid. “Fresh blood.”

    “Consider it done. You may kill anyone you wish who is outside of my family for your supply.”

    She smirked triumphantly and turned her attention back to him. “Fine.”

    “Shall we draw up a contract?”

    “No need.” Her smirk deepened as she approached him and pushed aside his fancy clothes.

    “What are you doing?”

    She ignored him as she tore through the clothes after a few moments of fussing and exposed his toned neck and clavicle. Without warning, she cut into his skin with her talon and drew her demonic symbol in his flesh. He screamed in pain as she finished and admired her handiwork.

    “My mark and our contract. I now shall serve you for as long as you wish,” she bowed to him but lifted her head and smiled at him with the most dangerous look he’d ever seen, “Master.”