• I suppose that nothing was never created, that it was always there.
    Though that might not be true, Humanity might have been older,
    older than us.
    If we exist in this realm for only the length of a second, then we mustn't fight and argue,
    we shouldn't kill or slaughter out of rage or jealously.
    I have already seen death, not out of war, but by my own curiosity. It is freely distributed on the internet, allowed for all ages to see the horrors of war to be seen.
    Now I bring my own table, my perspective of war.
    Of course, war never changes. It never has, in the sense of what we do to achieve and acquire:
    Freedom, death, amusement, resources, or just simple psychotic rage.
    What we see as the human race is our own legibility. We made our own laws, our own purpose, our own sun on the planet.
    We also brought our own death, for protection, war, or amusement.

    We are not gods
    We are mortals.
    In this universe, we are the only civilization for a couple light-years.
    Everything you see right now, will disappear before your eyes
    when we no longer exist, because of our own

    Now, I will show you this video. It is not mine, it belongs to the creator,
    it does not show history
    it shows how we will become if we let ourselves
    go to war.
    It will show you how you truly feel inside;
    of how human you are.
    If you are faint of heart, and wish not to see something that will forever haunt you
    leave now.

    If war does not change, men must change
    through the paths they walk.


    I would you you, the people, to discuss your own philosophy.
    Whether of your own hate of me, or others
    or your sympathy.
    ... I am not wiser,
    I am only young.