• Girl:Hye dEAr.. why you look sad?
    Boy:EhM....i've something to ask you ..
    Girl: wHat??
    Boy:if I waNt brEak wiTh yOu, woULd you leT me GO?
    Boy:if I have 2 go fAr away from you
    Girl:i'll be with you..
    Boy:buT if yOu caN't?
    Girl;i'll wait for you
    Boy:IF i die??
    Girl:i'll always remember you
    Boy:hoW lonG ??
    Girl:1 daY..
    Boy:1 day only??
    Girl:yeSS,, because the next day i'll die n you'll see me forever beside you
    boy:tHankS darling for being loYal to me
    gIrl : WC
    ----the end------