• "Forward my brothers to the magical land over the rainbow!" cried the commander. As his warriors charge on into the clouds the battling begins with the leprechaun warriors mounted on flying golden gophers, with wings of cotton candy, who ambush our heroes. With little to do against the leprechauns the group calls in the unicorn squadron for airial reinforcements. The battle in the skys rage on for hours, while the leprechauns were preoccupied the ground forces march quickly up the rainbow. The temperature was dropping and the slope was getting steeper. Many soldiers gave up but most waged on toward the other side of the rainbow.

    --November 19th, 2034 22:30--
    We have lost many soldiers along the way. I saw one of my closest friends taken out by a gumdrop cluster bomb at 1400 hours today. His dogtag was shredded to bits by the sharp sugar scrap from the bomb. His sugary corpse was taken off by the Sparkling pixie Cloud transporter for him to be de sweetened. He was a brave soldier. If only his sister didnt have to see him like he was. If i could have done anything about his death i would have jumped in front of the bomb myself._____-Private B. Gooberblog

    The passage led on toward the bottom of the colorful arch. This was where most of the tragedies struck. Some soldiers fell imbetween the slight spaces between the colors. One crack that was in the middle of the blue strip and green strip was almost a quater mile across. As the group was about a third of the way down the slope they were confronted by a gate with an inscription on each of the bars. The inscriptions read:

    ".....those who pass this gate must always be able to taste the rainbow or forever they shall fall through this passage.......

    Many of the soldiers had lost their lives by not being able to taste the rainbow. By doing this the rainbow permanently banished the soldiers by dropping them through holes that would appear. But the men who had fell through these holes in the rainbow never fell through the bottom of the rainbow.

    The long journey to the other side of the rainbow was a near disaster with record deaths peaking 1,782 in a single day due to falling off the rainbow. With a little over 200 who actually made it over, the group had succesfully captured the massive amounts of nuclear ice pops stored in warehouses all over the land. Most of the ponys and Gnomes were sent to prisons around the world for storage of such materials and are currently doing up to 20+ years. The U.S. is trying to send more troops to the area to help win the fight to find the Candy Man. The master mind behind the candy weapons of mass destruction. May there passage end in triumph when we apprehend the fiend and finish this war. For all who read this message do one thing: just try to pray for the soldiers in the battle not on the ground but on the clouds.