• I decided it was all coincidence. All of it. The mug, my ipod, the dream, all of it. It can't be real. Could it?

    No f*****g way. I've had dreams before, and those never came true. Like when I had a dream that I woke up one morning and my mom was there. Did that come true? Nope. Or when I had a dream that my uncle apologized and stopped touching me? Hell no.

    So what makes this dream so diff... My thoughts stopped. I felt dizzy and tired, but yet I felt sweaty and my heart was beating rapidly. I fell back and everything went darker and darker...

    I wake up. I look at the clock, 10:30 pm. What happened? I looked around, and saw the mug on the floor. The mug... the freakin mug!! That dream was real. No it wasn't. Yes it was! No, it can't be. Well it is! Stop talking to yourself! Fine!

    Okay, I'll just recall what happened. I'm listening to music, a sexy vampire shows up, drags me into a dirty sewer and... Oh God. The sewer, it's my only clue now. I have to go, no second thoughts about it. I grabbed my leather jacket and headed out.

    I knew the only way I would find that room was if I went in through the same entrance as I did last time. So I crossed the street, walked to the same curb Dean took me to and waited for the going cars to pass by. When the streets were clear, I crawled into the sewer without another thought. Ugh, I remembered that awful smell.

    I walked for awhile, trying to remember which brick he pushed in. Then I stopped. This is where he stopped. I looked at the wall, and remembered the brick he pushed in was the only clean one, somewhere on that dumb wall. I studied it, and saw the clean brick on the left side. I pushed it, and went completely breathless as the wall slid open. I couldn't believe it...

    Dean was laying down on a couch, playing with a rubix cube. "Landon?" He looked up a little, waiting for an answer.

    "Hi Dean." I said, nervously. What if he didn't want me here? Maybe coming here was a mistake...

    Dean looked back at me, and jumped up from the couch. "Luna?! Why are you... what are you doing here?" He asked. A girl came from a door. She had pale skin like Dean's, black wavy hair that went just below her shoulders, and the prettiest blue eyes you'll never see. She was gorgeous.

    "Hello." She said, giving me a warm smile.

    "Luna, this is Amy, my cousin. Amy, this is Luna." Dean said.

    "Hi Amy." I smiled at her.

    "Oh, hi Luna. Landon said so much about you. Damn Dean, if Charmey were here, she'd be all over her. You know how badly she wanted to meet-" Amy was cut off by a door busting open. Two people came out, Landon and an unfamiliar blonde girl. "Ah crap." Amy said.

    "Hi Dean, hi Amy! Who's our guest?" The blonde girl said.

    "I'm Luna." I told her.

    "Oh my God, you're Luna?! You're so pretty! Hi, I'm Charmey. You can call me Charm." She said. She was beautiful, she had straight blonde hair and gorgeous purple eyes. And not to mention the pale skin, like everyone else in the room.

    "Hi, and thank you. You have amazing eyes." I said.

    "Thanks, I've always wanted to meet you!" She said. Hmm, I liked her.

    "Since last night?" Landon said.

    "Shut up." Charmey told Landon.

    "Here we go." Amy said.

    "Especially since Landon told me how much Dean liked you!" Charmey said. The minute she said that, Dean punched Landon in the arm. For some reason, I was pretty happy she said that. It's not cause I like him, so stop looking at me like that.

    "Ow! Mean person!" Landon said.

    "D**k..." Dean mumbled. "Now will you people let me and Luna talk?!"

    "Okay." Charmey said.

    "Sorry." Amy said. They all stood in their places, staring at us. Dean gave them a look and took me to the other side of the room.

    "Now, what are you... STOP STARING AT US OR I'LL KILL YOU!" Dean yelled over to them. They slowly turned around looking at nothing while Landon whistled. "Sorry. Anyway, what are you doing here?" He asked. I looked him in the eyes.

    "What's happening to me, Dean? What's going on?" I asked.