• Kandy stares through the window of her house. She watched as the stars twickled above her. Her neighbors' houses lay still and silent with sleep. The only things outside were the fireflies blinking in the night air.

    Kandy sighed and walked over to her TV and couch and sat down to watch the midnight news. All her life Kandy has lived in Barton Town. She wonders if there is anything outside the Gaian World that could be discovered.

    As she watched the news there was a knock at her door. Kandy turned off the TV and went to the door. There stood a huge man in heavy armor.

    "I'm the tax collector its time to pay taxes," he said.

    "What! I already payed my taxes this week!" Kandy said.

    "Prince Gino was raised the price 3 times higher, so you owe 10,000 gold," the man in armor said.

    "What I can't pay that!" Kandy said.

    "Well I'm sorry miss but if you don't have the money by the end of the week I'm going to have to kick you out of your house," the man said. He turned away. "Good night miss." And then he was gone. Sucked in by the darkness of night.

    Kandy shut her door and sat on her bed. What am I to do, she thought. I'll never be able to get the money by the end of the week.

    Finally after an hour of endless thought Kandy was fast asleep. She dreams of escaping the Gaian World and finding somewhere else to live. A place where there is always adventure and no stupid prince to raise the taxes.