• The Posh Conquest
    By: knfmusic

    The ancestry of the world known as Khondra is one to remember. In the beginning of time, faeries and humans lived together as one people, one family. The faeries and humans would procreate to make immortals. The family of immortals was large until for unknown reasons, they became extinct. One immortal was able to survive however. Her name….was Lilith. Lilith never knew her parents, or her history. She was always considered a human and never thought anything of it. Not once did it cross her mind, that she would be the chosen one to save the world.

    Lilith’s childhood, was different than many. When she was just an infant, Khondra had been overpowered by a dictator named Phaazer. Phaazer forced the humans and faeries to segregate. He never wanted procreation to happen again. The faeries and humans learned to hate each other. They lived on separate lands. Never was Khondra the same.


    In recent times, there was an outbreak of a disease called Posh in Khondra. No one was sure if it was just a hoax or if it really knocked out the population. Scientists have been trying to find a cure, as there have been some recent cases of it found. The human race is beginning to die out, and the problem needs to be resolved immediately.

    A new found theory to remove the Posh is the use of Faerie dust. The dust can only come from the light of faerie. This is very difficult to do you see.

    Once the light is taken from the faerie, it is condensed into dust. The dust eradicated from the light is put into the humans eyes and they are forever immune to Posh.

    No one can do this procedure except for Lilith...the last seen immortal on Earth. It's just her...verses the Faeries. Will the faeries surrender and help her? Or will they stand there ground and let thousands die. What side will Lilith decide to choose; faeire or human? Most importantly…

    who will win?