• Naruto Titanic
    By: Allie Bayer

    I bring to a group of three friends gambling in a dark, musty, dirty room. Obviously they are not the richest people in the world. One boy had brown spiky hair and he wore a tan jacket with grease stains and some leather pants. The next boy was a chubby fellow and also had spiky brown hair but unlike the one before his was immeasurable longer; he wore a jacket similar in style to the one before but a bluish color. The next boy had too spiky hair but his was black and held in a pineapple shaped ponytail, he wore a tan jacket like the first boy and leather pant he also wore a tan hat that had a hole for his ponytail.
    The first boy said “alright choji you don’t have any more bags of chips you gotta bet some cash.” The chubby one said “fine then I call” “I definitely call, I’ve seen you show me your card kiba and choji your not exactly the best liar I cant win this so I fold” the pineapple boy said in a matter a fact tone. “C’mon Shikamaru you might win those Titanic tickets I bet she has good food.” “She is a nice ship and I’d really love to sail on her but she’s leavening port in about 20 minuets” Shikamaru said grinning at his friend who was drooling over the tickets or rather the food he could get with them. Choji pleaded with Shikamaru and eventually he caved. “Fine then we’ll have to hurry” he sighed.
    Minutes later you could see choji dance in the air cheering “YES SHIKAMARU WE DID IT WE WON!!” Shikamaru quickly took out a leather bag and hurriedly stuffed the money and fat coins plus he bags of chips choji had bet into it then grabbed the three R.M.S Liver pool White Star Titanic tickets. “Thank you kind sir” Shikamaru mocked as they left to find their other friend Sasuke. When they located him the saw him staring a pink hair girl coming from a carriage dressed in an emerald dress that complimented her eyes but didn’t go with her hair oddly as this thought crossed his mind he hoped he would find the right girl for him.
    “C’mon Sasuke” Choji said pulling on his arm. “No wait” he said holding on to the blue hat on top of his head. “You’ll get to spy on the girl in the titanic” Shikamaru said putting emphasis on the word titanic. “No I cant she’ll leave for the Americas in about three minutes.” Said Sasuke. Then he did a double take. “What” he said the choji punched the air “were going to the Americas”
    They hurried to the 3rd class entrance and stewards help them find their room. They hadn’t had time the pack so a roommate let them borrow clothes. They took a tour of the magnificent ship “she’s beautiful” Shikamaru said staring with awe at the Grand stair case and the crystal glass dome. “I know isn’t she” sighed Sasuke. Shikamaru spun around then heard the most wonderful sound in his life. Someone was laughing and it was heavenly. He saw three girls about their age there was the Pink haired girl from earlier, dressed in the same emerald dress but she had added some long earrings and her hair was now up in a messy bun she was obviously first class. The one that looked rather annoyed was a blonde with her hair pulled back in a high ponytail but half of her face was covered by hair, not very respectful. She wore a deep blue dress with gold embroidery and long sapphire blue earrings. But all Shikamaru’s attention was on the girl laughing, what she was laughing at he didn’t care although he could see the pinkette pointing at Sasuske with a very red face. The blonde looked very annoyed and glared at the back of the pinks head. But the one laughing was all Shikamaru had eyes for she wore a long lavender dress, she had sandy blonde hair that was held in two low spiky ponytails. She wore no earrings but had on a beautiful green topaz necklace. Then she stopped laughing staring with awe at Shikamaru. Then he tipped his hat and all three of them giggled and Sasuske looked at Shikamaru with a “now why’d you have to go and do that” look.
    Shikamaru walked forward pulling Sauske along with him and Choji followed. “Hello.” Shikamaru said as if greeting a friend. “Hello.” The sandy blonde said crossing her arm and smirking. “h-h-h-ello” Sasuske stuttered and Shikamaru laughed at his friend and Choji was looking at the blonde with a “oh my god how could something I cant eat be so gorgeous” look on his face and the blonde giggled.