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  • Artist Info: Aio my friends and people who are here to leave nasty comments :3! LOL i am just kidding if you have something mean to say track me down and you'll find me waiting with a little something Muhaha. <br />
    http://music.com/video/3OH!3/DontTrustme/19263870001 <------------- favorite song (currently) <br />
    my email is shadow_allie95@yahoo.com email me! no spam i know people!!!! ^_^ its true<br />
    i am currently in the eight grade (as of next school semester) I Hate My New Electives HATE HATE HATE!!!!! i can't get art, i got freakin advance everything heck even advanced spanish!!! ughh and i got stuck with the cooking class which should have been half a year then the other half ART OMG i am so mad i wanna break things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! calm down Allie Anyway I Love Full metal alchemist that anime rock lol!!!!!! i am writing a fanfic about it rite now fun fun fun!!!!
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