• Yuuki was asleep in her bed, when suddenly she jolted up yelling Zero's name "Zeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooo-Kun!!!!!!!!" Yuuki looked around to find no blood. It was then the door opened revealing a very tired Zero.

    "Yuuki-Chan... What's the matter? I heard you scream my name. Is everything ok?"

    "Yeah.. Everything is fine Zero-Kun!" She smiled at him with her eyes closed, When she opened them again, She imagined him covered in blood. Warm tears begin to stream down her face, and her expression became scared. Zero walked over and wrapped his arms around Yuuki and hugged her tightly.

    "Its going to be ok.." He whispered into her ear, He then gently kisses her cheek. Trys to pull away but Yuuki clings to him. "Yuuki-Chan, Please let go."

    "Zero-Kun... Can you please stay?" Yuuki asked, her face burried into Zero's chest, Her tears calming down a bit. She looked up at him, A tear falling from her beautiful brown eyes. Zero gently wipped it away and gently kissed her on the lips.

    "Ok, Yuuki-Chan. I'll stay.." Zero rested his head on Yuuki's and closed his eyes leaning back and falls asleep. Yuuki snuggles closer to Zero falling asleep herself.

    Bright sunlight floods the room when Yuuki opens her eyes and finds that Zero is gone and she is in a different position then when she fell asleep. Yuuki covered her eyes from the sun with her arm. "Did I really dream that...?" Her voice was only a whisper. Yuuki hears a knock on her door and sits up.

    "May I come in, Yuuki-Chan?" A soft voice came from outside the door, Nearly like no other. The voice of the man who saved her 10 years ago. Kaname....

    "Uh.. Yeah! Come on in Kaname-Senpai" Yuuki replied to the voice, staring at the door which creeked open not a minute later. Kaname was tall, had the same hair color and eye color as Yuuki. He was smiling, But not his usual smile. This smile was more creepy then usual. "Kaname-Kun...?" Yuuki asked, He should know.

    "I'm fine Yuuki-Chan... No need to worry about me. But why not worry what might happen to you?" His smile turned into a smirk, as Kaname picked up Yuuki by the throat.

    "K-Kaname-Senpai?!?!?!?!?!?" Yuuki looked at Kaname with a frightened glance. Kaname tightened his grip, Causing Yuuki to pass out from suffication. Kaname jumped when the door slammed open then shut again. Kaname could feel a gun pointed at his head so he turned to see a very angry Zero, With his fangs beared glaring at Kaname. Yuuki slightly opened her eyes, looking at the two. Zero put his finger on the trigger ready to pull it but Kaname knocked the gun out of his hand and gripped Zero by his neck to the point of suffication. In a flash Kaname and and zero were gone. Yuuki sat up, Fresh tears coming to her eyes, "Z-Zero-Kun......" Yuuki stood up running to the spot where they once were knowing it was useless and fell to her knees crying, "No... Z-Zero-Kun is gone....." She sat their and brought her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around her knees.

    "Chairman... Have you seen Yuuki-Chan today? She wasn't in class..." Her friend, Yori asked Chairman, Yuuki's father. She had a worried look on her face.

    "No.... I havn't, I'm starting to get worried. Its not like her." Chairman replied, his eyebrows crossed, his voice low. "Yuuki-Chan never misses class..." He looked at Yori with a small smile, "If I see her I will let you know" He chuckled, going back to his work.

    "Ok," Yori said with a smile and walked out of Chairman's office, "Now... Where can I find Yuuki-Chan?" Yori whispered to herself, looking both ways.

    Yuuki was leaning against her door, Still in the same position as this morning staring at the ground. Her face was expressionless. "What am I to do? I don't even know where Zero-Kun is..." Yuuki whispered before hugging her knees tighter, still looking at the ground. A soft breeze drifted through the window, causing Yuuki to shiver.

    Blood dripped from Zero's mouth causing him to restrain against the chains which are nearly cutting off his blood flow. "Damn you, Kaname!!" Zero yelled. Kaname glared at Zero then his perfect features slowly turns to a smirk. Looking into kaname's eyes, Zero can see Yuuki's death which is really ownly a illusion and tears begin to run down his cheeks. "Y-You b*****d!!"

    Yuuki stood up from her seat on the floor and opened the door running through the halls to get to the Night Class Dorms to get Kaname to tell her where Zero is. As Yuuki reached the edge of the Night Class Dorms she heard the scream of Zero, causing her to shake. "I-Is Zero-Kun ok?" Yuuki asked her self, Trying to run faster and reaches Kaname's dorm and kicks the door open but finds nothing "Damn it!" Yuuki begins her search again leaving all doors she kicked open the same way. Yuuki slides down the wall, breathing heavily with new tears running down her cheeks. "Zero-Kun... I'm sorry if I'm not able to find you..." Yuuki thought to herself before hearing Zero's scream again near by and jolts up running to find the source of the noise, finding Kaname hovering over Zero and Zero covered in blood. Yuuki begin to shake "Leave Zero-Kun alone!!" Yuuki ran over to Zero but Kaname grabbed Yuuki and threw her across the room.

    "Stay out of this Yuuki!" Kaname's voice was harsh and cold but Yuuki stood up taking out Artemis Rod. Yuuki shouted grow and Artemis rod turned to Artemis Scythe. Yuuki ran at Kaname and swung her the scythe but Kaname blocked it. Yuuki once again swung her scythe, but instead of getting Kaname she breaks the chains that are holding Zero.

    "Thank you... Yuuki-Chan," Zero half-heartedly smiled at Yuuki then embraced her into a tight hug. Yuuki hugged Zero back without any hesitations.

    "Ahhh... How sweet! I hate the sweetness.." Kaname was using the voice that could control Zero. "Zero... Say goodbye to Yuuki and kill her!" He commanded, Zero kept his grasp around Yuuki and took out Bloody Rose putting it to Yuuki's head. "Goodbye Yuuki-Chan..." Zero put his finger on the trigger.

    "Z-Zero-Kun... P-Please don't kill me!" Yuuki exlaimed, Fighting back the tears which burn within her eyes and wish to spill over. Yuuki could suddenly feel Zero's own lips against her, but still at gun point causing the tears to spill over. Yuuki wrapped her arms around his neck kissing him back. Zero pulled away.

    "I am sorry...." Zero pulled the trigger of Bloody Rose.


    Zero's gun went off, Yuuki's blood going everywhere.

    "Z-Zero......" Was all Yuuki was able to say before she closed her eyes for all eternity and to never open them again.

    "Good boy" Kaname smirked at his doing. Zero was staring at his bloody hands, shaking with tears streaming down his face.

    "Y-You b*****d!!!!!" Zero screamed at Kaname, the tears coming to no stop, "You made me kill Yuuki-Chan! The only girl I ever loved!!!!!!" Zero pointed the gun at Kaname and pulled Bloody Rose's trigger and once again....


    Kaname's body dropped to the ground. Zero turned to Yuuki's corpse and kneeled down beside it. He gave a small smile putting Bloody Rose to his own head and pulling the trigger. With one more bang Zero slowly slipped into a eternal sleep himself, Whispering the words "I love you... Yuuki..." And closed his eyes, Which were to never open again.