• Draw with me~

    One day there was a boy in a little village. The boy had long bunny-like ears with a long white t-shirt and baggy blue pants. His blue hair was flat downwards, about to the beginning of his neck. And his blue eyes looked hazel blue like the sky. He was merely 11 years old and lost his father. One day he walked out of the village to explore. He walked forward only, not turning either way for anything. Everything was blank, no grass was growing in this direction, and only the clear sky could be spotted. He walked forward until he bumped into a large glass wall that seemed to go on forever on both ends. His ears went down at disappointment that he couldn’t go on.

    Then he saw a girl on the other end of the glass trying to look onward. She has orange hair and cat like ears, and her eyes where bright yellow as the sun. She spotted him, and for a few moments none of them said anything. The boys ears lifted up then walked up to the girl. He said “hi” the girl tilted her said to the side then put her hand behind her ear to signal she couldn’t hear what he was saying. Then he yelled out “hello!” the girl made a gesture with her hands to her shoulder and her hands outwards mouthing words, “I can’t hear you” the boys ears laid flat on the side of his head for a moment, thinking. Then he got out two markers from his pocket.

    He wrote on the glass between them “can you write?” he threw one of the markers above the glass and she caught it then wrote “of course, duh” he laughed then wrote on the higher pat of the wall “can you draw?” and did a chibi drawing next to his writing. The girl drew on his left “of course” then drew herself with a big chest. He looked at it with a funny face then drew next to it “you don’t look like that” then de drew her with a flat chest and it was written ‘flat’ and pointing to it. The girl laughed and they drew for hours on end.

    The boy put his hand on the glass. She put her hand on the same spot with a smile. He looked down depressed, put his hand off, and then wrote “its cold” the girl looked at the boy with a little saddened face. The boy wrote “I want to be with you” the girl smiled and wrote “you are with me” on top of his. Then she wrote somewhere else, “only, there is a glass between us”

    he stood up in anger and then started punching the glass. The girl started panicking and yelled “no no! Don’t do it!” then a crack came from the glass. He gestured his arms going to his side to say move. Then he continued punching until he punched with his writing hand and broke through. A second after the shattered glass magically started going back in place, cutting his hand with blood dropping from his hand. Sharp pain came through his hand until he didn’t have one anymore.

    The boy ran home in panic to his comfy home, without his left hand there anymore. His mother yelled in horror as she saw his boy come home injured. She put a cast around his writing arm and said “its fine. It won’t hurt after a while” he nodded then went back to sleep. He woke up in the middle of the night and ventured off to the magic wall of glass again. To his surprise she was still waiting there.

    She wrote “are you okay?” he nodded up and down then the girl gave a smile “do you want to draw?” with a chibi drawing right next to it, as the boy did once. Then with his right hand, he wrote horribly “I can’t anymore” it looked almost like scribbles. She looked down in sorrow then the boy looked down, saddened that he said that, so he went away for the rest of the night. The next morning he went back to the wall with his cast arm hanging from a string on his neck. The boy saw the orange hair girl pointing down to a package on the ground on his side of the glass. He walked up to it and sat down. He looked up questioningly at the girl then all she did was his him a smile. He opened the ribbon opened the box. He stood up in joy as he saw what he always wanted back. Another hand lay on the box. Then the girl at the other side wrote “draw with me”