• Year 3042
    Twenty years after WWIII
    : Last Human Outpost


    City lost. PREPS captured royal family. Capital destroyed. All is lost.

    - General

    Last transmission from Head Quarters.


    The courtyard was covered in mist. Once proud towers stood tall warding off enemies, unprepared for an attack from the stars. Now in ruins, shadows of a great human reign, bathed three figures in darkness. A small girl facing off against trained assassins. Rods of pure energy extended from their hands as if they were born with them in their hands. Very close to the truth. A soft humming came from the unarmed child. A lullaby much like a cooing sang to crying children. The girl’s singing grew louder. Verses clawing from the depths of Hell.

    “Hush little baby don’t you cry,
    Daddy’s gonna poke mommy in th’ eye.
    Hush little baby don’t you fret,
    Daddy’s gonna get mommy hit.
    Hush little baby don’t you scream,
    Daddy’s gonna fill mommy up w’th cream.
    Hush little baby don’t you lie,
    Daddy’s gonna make mommy cry.
    Hush little baby don’t you leave,
    Daddy’s gonna make mommy scream.
    Hush little baby don’t you sigh,
    Daddy’s gonna make mommy die.”

    Her song grew in volume…louder and louder still. By the last verse, her opponents had ended their torturous squirming and lay motionless on the ground. Their eyes glazed over and white with horror. Another figure emerged from behind one of the demolished towers. “Must you always kill them BEFORE asking questions?” said a young boy. “They were trying to kill me! It was in self-defense. I couldn’t let them kill you too. What would be my benefit in that?” the girl responded. “Your immortal love. You wouldn’t have died…neither would have I but I digress.” She pouted. “You’re no fun.” “I am. I just tend to spoil it when you decide to get a little trigger happy.” He said. “Well…it’s no fun when I can’t even kill a few pests. But I can’t stay mad at you. I love you too much.” She said skipping over to him and throwing her arms around his neck. “As I love you my sweet. Shall we go check on those humans of yours?” He said as he wrapped his arms around her waist. “Sounds like fun. Let’s go!” she squealed. They disappeared leaving only a swirling column of mist and two contorted bodies in the courtyard.