• He looked at me, scared of the answer himself. He walked over to me and grabbed my arms. It hurt a little; he was strong. He immediately loosened his grip.

    "I'm so sorry. I don't know what to do with you. We've never been in a situation like this before. I'm not comfortable with killing you. My sisters told me to come up with my own solution, so here it is. Keep your mouth shut. Do you understand me?" Todd questioned.

    I nodded in fear. I couldn't find my voice, I lost it about two seconds ago.

    "Good." He sighed and walked away from me.

    "Can you take me back now?" I asked quietly.

    "No, my sisters need to speak with you," he murmered absently.

    "About what?" I asked, suddenly afraid that they might have a different solution in mind.

    He laughed at my assumtion. But I could see it in his eyes, he was worried about the same thing.

    Suddenly, the two beautiful girls came into view. They were worried, just like Todd was.

    "We're not worried," Alyssa said quickly.

    "Then, what are your expressions supposed to mean? What's got you acting like this?" I interrogated.

    "We don't know what to do with you. As Todd told you, we aren't comfortable with murder. So, we don't want it to escalate to that."

    "We need you to promise you won't tell, and we need you to mean it," Paige said.

    I looked at the three siblings who had stopped to look at me with wary eyes. Things with their ancestors must've been pretty bad. I was determined to help them keep out of the public eye.

    "I won't tell, and I mean it," I vowed.

    They smiled nevously, then their beautiful faces became more animated. They started making creepy faces. My jaw dropped in surprise. Then, thier faces started twisting. Eveything around me was a twisting whirpool. I sighed as I realized that I was sinkng into unconsiousness.


    When I woke up, I was in my room. I looked at the clock. It said it was 12:00 PM. Well, this is a pretty strange place to be at noon. I should be at school.

    I stood up and started feeling lightheaded.

    "Maybe I should lay back down," I muttered to myself.

    Everything went black as I fell on my bed.

    I was having a dream. It was a strange dream. My dream showed Alyssa, Paige, and Todd trying to kill me. There was a big gas can that started to release smoke. Smoke that they could live through. Smoke that I could not.

    I could see it now. My heart beat out of my chest as I ran into them, hoping they could shield me from the smoke. But they did nothing. Not so much as move a muscle.

    Things began to look strange. It reminded me of when I had passed out earlier today. But there was a difference.

    Earlier today, they weren't trying to kill me. They told me themselves. They seemed sincere enough to me. They said they weren't comfortabe with murder, and that I could live. Had they been lying to me? No, why would they?

    I tugged on their pant legs as they gave me strange looks.

    "Help me," I cried quietly. I couldn't push enough air out for more volume.

    They just continued to look at me; baffled. I began to feel stronger, though that couldn't be possible. I was being killed, not saved. The three of them gulped loudly, and things went black again.