• I wrapped the witches cloak around my shoulders and went two doors down. The hallway was incredibly long, probably because of the size of the rooms. Never in my life did I think I would be in a mansion. I could here talking through the door and realized that both men were in there. I wasn’t sure if I should knock or not. So I just listened. “I know I tasted her blood Jacques but she can’t be the princess. She is nothing like them. I mean think about it. Isn’t the princess supposed to be so beautiful that it kills people to talk to her. I refuse to accept this,” I could tell by the voice that the black haired man was speaking. Which would mean the gentleman was named Jacques. “We aren’t going to get anything good out of taking that modernized brat back and claiming that she is the princess. You saw how they reacted the last time someone did that. The girl nearly had us all killed. I wouldn’t doubt that she does the same. Couldn’t we just put a vampire from that era on the throne?” He went on complaining.
    I raised my knuckle to the door and knocked on it lightly. Clothing rustled inside the room and suddenly the door in front of me was open and standing in my view was Jacques. His eyes were wide and so were his friends. “You look amazing Princess. I didn’t think what you were going to do would come out looking so elegant. I do not believe we have all formally introduced our selves. Do come in and join us.” He took my hand and led me into the room. “My name is Jacques Debour and this is my friend Sebastian Grier. We have known each other for a good hundred and fifty years. There are vampires that are older than us as well. We were friends when we were children and it was pure luck that we both managed to be changed at the same time. We have kept together all these years. We both seem to be stuck in the Victorian era.” The two looked at each other and laughed. “Now tell us a bit about you, princess,” Jacques stated.
    “Why do you keep calling me princess?”I yelled.
    They kind of pulled back a bit scared when I yelled. I hadn’t meant to act like a brat but the whole princess thing was getting annoying. Sebastian looked at me annoyed” Look you little brat it’s not like we wanted you to be princess but you are so quit complaining about it.”He returned. He stood from his chair and walked over to a window. Black curtains covered it so it wasn’t like he could see out. “Vampires get a new princess about once every 500 years. There is always one girl who is destined for the position. Sometimes they don’t last that long. Well most the time. That is why there is a candidate born every year. We can always tell if we have found a princess by the odd taste in their blood. The princesses are also stalked and constantly prayed on by mosquitoes. The princess is the idol of all vampires and should represent the oldest of them all. The last one who did her job well was the rightfully born princess that all the oracles new was coming. She was born five hundred years ago and would have ended her time when the next girl turned sixteen July first this year. The princess usually lives in a Victorian manner and knows how a vampire should live. There is only one like that every five hundred years. After the Salem witch trials our beloved princess died and our clan has been ruled by imbeciles. Each one does not know how to rule our type. Hopefully you will but I doubt it. You’re just going to be another one of those modernized brats. You have to be at least seventeen and I doubt you have gotten your powers yet. Every princess gets them on her sixteenth birthday. How do you think the term sweet sixteen came to be?”
    I was silent for a moment” I am not even sixteen yet you jerk. I turn sixteen on July…”I recalled what he had said earlier and whispered the last part,” I turn sixteen on July first.” He turned quickly to face me and Jacques’ eyes went wide. “I am not a total modernized brat just so you know. My only technology addiction is the computer but that is for music and communication. You may not know this but I am a child stuck in the past. I ballroom dance. I listen to classical music. I even am trying to wear a fashion that is modernized Victorian clothes. You shouldn’t be judging people before you get to know them. Wasn’t that a big thing in the Victorian era?”
    Both of them were looking at me like I was crazy. Jacques finally spoke up after a few minutes,” I think you should apologize Sebastian.” I didn’t feel like giving Sebastian the chance. I left the room and didn’t look back. I didn’t want to be near that jerk. I had no clue where I was running to but somehow I ended up in a library that had even more books than the one in my room. I walked among the shelves trying to read the titles and that is when I noticed, I had been crying. Tears rolled down my cheeks unending. Why did I let that jerk effect me so?
    I finally managed to get them to stop running and wiped them away. The first thing I noticed was how beautiful the books were. I traced my fingers along some of the spines. That is when I saw it. The volume that caught my eye was by far the prettiest in the whole room. I trailed my fingers over the intricate design that lined the name, THE NUTCRACKER. I took the book from the shelf with no difficulties and set it on a nearby desk. Gently I flipped through the pages. Nothing could possibly pull me away from reading the novel that brought such a beautiful ballet to be. That is when he entered. Sebastian walked into the room and pulled me away from the book. Maybe a bit too roughly. He had grasped my wrist to tight and left it red when he let go.
    "What are you doing in here?"He growled.
    I still wasn't ready to forgive for earlier and he was already getting ready to piss me off again wasn't he. "I am very sorry I was upset and wandered aimlessly and somehow ended up in here. Then when I calmed down I discovered that this is such a beautiful place with so many marvelous books. I especially got stuck in here when I found the Nutcracker. It is one of my favorite plays and I have always wanted to read the book." I turned back and gently ran my finger along the crisp old pages. "I just love the feel of old books. They feel as if they are full of memories, full of life, full of a tale."
    Arms were around my sides and soon a hand was touching the pages with me. "You are right about all they hold. Books are an amazing portal to the past. Even modern tales can bring us the knowledge that books gave us in the past. Sadly less people read now a days. They think it is pointless when they could just watch the movie. Maybe you are the Victorian princess we have been waiting for." He had finally accepted me. "I am sorry about my behavior earlier. It was indeed rude." I turned to face him and that was when I realized. I had an extremely hot vampire standing with his arms around me. It took until I was nearly kissing him for me to discover this.
    He pulled back a bit, out of common courtesy. "I am sorry I didn't know how close you were." I ducked under his arm and moved out of his reach. “Excuse me but I must be going,” I quickly said and ran off. I made it to my room and quickly locked the door. One hand flew up to my forehead, hitting it hard. How could I have thought about kissing him? Kissing the crude, vile being that he was. I raised two fingers to my lips and pondered the act that I had nearly done. I t would have been extremely rude. Thank goodness I hadn’t.
    There was a light rapping at my door. What was I to do? I was not sure if I should or shouldn’t answer it. I didn’t get the chance to decide because Jacques entered before I could. “I never got the chance to comment on your outfit earlier.” He came all the way in here for that! I couldn’t stop myself from thinking. “Your outfit is indeed intriguing. I like the idea of your style. It is definitely acceptable for a vampire princess to wear. Speaking of your being princess, we will begin your lessons in the morning. Don’t ever think that you got out of school because as a vampire you never will.” I groaned in reply, I hated school. I especially hated homework and teachers. He chuckled seeming to know my thoughts. “I sure hope you end up liking your teachers,” He strode over and lounged in a chair near the bookshelf, “They will be Sebastian and me.” I moved over and leaned against the bookshelf and let him continue. “We will teach you lessons in poise, etiquette, writing, magic, reading, dancing, and trade.” Another groan escaped my lips. This was going to be worse than school. Seriously lessons in poise? He put a hand on the top of my head,” Don’t worry princess you will do fine. I believe in you.” I felt like a little kid that has been left with a babysitter for the first time. He pulled his hand away again.
    I wondered if maybe,” Can vampires read minds?” I blurted out letting curiosity get the best of me.
    Sebastian entered at that time, “They say curiosity killed the cat. Maybe the same will happen to you.”
    I glared at him. “Did you need something because I don’t recall you being part of this conversation? If you wouldn’t mind I don’t care to speak to you so please leave.” Jacques smirked and looked at Sebastian. It didn’t take me long to realize that they were speaking through their minds. Great just what I needed them speaking where I couldn’t here. That is a huge blow to a girl’s self esteem. Jacques left the room in a rush and Sebastian grabbed my hand and practically dragged me into the bathroom.
    I was shocked but went with him. He forced me into a chair. “Something came up. The current head of vampires found out that we turned you and has come to meet you. This isn’t good because we haven’t taught you anything yet.” He grabbed a curling iron from underneath the sink and forced me down into a chair. He began putting spiral curls in my hair and then began applying layers of makeup. I sure hoped he knew what he was doing. “Calm down, I used to be a makeup artist in an opera house. I know how to apply makeup and style hair better than any human.” He finished up and turned me to face a mirror. My eyes went wide. The girl in the mirror didn’t even look like me. She had to die for perfect skin with bright hazel eyes. Her limps were plump and read and she seemed to glow. Her mousy brown hair was shiny and curled gracefully around her face. She was beautiful and looked like she would be the perfect girl for a prince.
    Sebastian put a hand on my shoulder before speaking, “Meet me at the stairs and I will guide you down.” He left the room and left me staring in the mirror.