• “Well here we are, our new home.” My mom said as we drove up to a big mansion. “Well Emi, what do ya think?” She asks.
    “It’s big.” I say quietly with a straight face.
    “It sure is. Mommy and Daddy wanted you to live big! Plus you know how your father is.” she continued.
    Hai! My name is Emi Suzuki. I’m 12 and live in Tokyo, Japan. Well I live in Tokyo now. We just moved from America. We moved because my mom wanted to be closer to her parents. She’s Japanese, but I don’t think she looks like she is. I learned how to speak fluent Japanese when I was five. That’s where my name comes from too. I can also speak fluent German, French, Spanish, English, Italian and Sign Language.
    I do know more. N-Not meaning to brag or anything.
    As I walk into this huge house I take a look around. It’s so big I really hope I don’t get lost in it! As I check it out I notice a pond like courtyard thing with fish in it that’s in the middle of the whole house structure. It’s like the Japanese culture or something. There’s also a water tube that falls down when it fills up with water. I look at the walls. There like screens and not walls.
    “Careful not to break them Emi.” My mom says coming out from a room. She kisses me on the head.
    “Now come, I still need to show you your room!” She continues. My Mom leads me into a separate room and when I slide open the door my eyes widen.
    It’s a BIG room with tan walls. In the Left corner there’s a blue bed with purple sheets and confuter accompanied by fluffy pillows. On the bed there was a clicker. I grab the clicker and press the ON button. The wall in front of my bed flips and a small flat screen is there in the walls place. I click the button again and the TV goes away. In the right corner is a desk with a computer and a cushiony chair. Then in the middle back or the room is a book shelf and all the way on the right is a big closet. I sit down on my bed and it feels like I’m sitting on a cloud. The mattress sinks in so I could fall asleep any moment it’s that comfy.
    “So do you like your room? I customized it just for you!” Mom said sitting next to me. She gives me a hug and says, “Now you get into bed it’s 10:00.”
    “Ok.” I reply quietly.