• Hi my name is Lucias Fernandez and I'm a daemon. Here is my first journal from my decades of wondering alone on this god-forsaken rock.

    It was July 13th, 2011 and it was the greatest day of my life.The girl I had loved for years had agreed to go out on a date with me.Her name was Angel and she is the most beautiful girl in the entire school. We have been friends for years now and I have finally gotten the courage to ask her out. She said yes and I almost ran around singing every sappy love song I could think of.We were to go out on my the very next day(which happened to be my eighteenth birthday) to a fair that came along once a year.She said she would come to my place as I lived right there. As I got ready the doorbell rang and all I could think was that she was early. While my mother answered the door I looked out the window to see a lot of people outside. Curious I went downstairs only to discover that they were invading our home and tying up my family.They noticed me as I tried to run and caught me. It was at that time i realized today was not my day.After they started drawing symbols around the house Angel arrived. I yelled at her to run away.She didn't get far before they caught her. As they thought about what they should do to her the leader said "Enough we shall use her as a treat of the demon when he arrives." I watched as they took her into my room to prepare for its arrival. When they were satisfied with the drawings around the house they started chanting in an odd language. The house started to heat up and smoke was coming from the floor. I panicked as the smoke cocooned my family blocking my view of them completely. Some of the cultists were getting nervous, I could tell as they eyeballed me and my family. Then without warning I was thrust out of this dimension and into hell. It was there that I saw him the devil. He told me that i was going to be a host for one of his pets and that i would wreak havoc across the globe until it was no more. Then out of nowhere a demon came running at me it was glowing with runes scratched around his body and eyes so black that it seemed that i would get lost in them if i looked for more than a second. Then suddenly an imp came and attacked me yelling ferociously, clawing, biting, and then as suddenly as I had left I was back home in the middle of the room. Somehow my ropes fell off and I stood and as I looked at the cultists with a gaze so powerful I felt like I could petrify them they started screaming with agony. So taken aback with this revelation I stepped back and tripped on something soft. As I fell to the floor I saw what it was my mother lying on the ground in a pool of blood and her bones sticking out at every angle. It was at that moment I thought about killing everybody in that house and then in a tremendous flash and boom that shook the heavens my house blew up. After my sight returned I saw that my house and everybody in it was turned into a pile of ash nothing remained as I fell to my knees in exhaustion and wept I lost consciousness. As i regained consciousness I realized I would be blamed for this bizarre happening so I ran and I ran until my legs collapsed under my body and I thought about the days events. When I was about to move on I saw something, an imp sitting in a tree wearing a wicked smile and he said, "Now that you and I are here lets have a talk about what just happened." In disbelief I fell unconscious again and I had horrible horrible nightmares of what was to come.