• Prologue
    It was a chill evening in late fall. Lauren is out hunting. He was hunting where nobody where allowed to hunt, in Lord McTurant’s garden. Lord McTurant was a rich, selfish and fat man. He only cared about women, eating and having fun. He where often found drunk in the roadsides. He owned a giant garden, filled with birds, deer and other good meat. But, it was guarded. And it was guarded very well to. Lauren knew this, but he had to get food for his family. While many people in their small town suffered from hunger, Lord McTurant ate and drank as much as he ever wanted to.
    Lauren was completely quite. He could see a guard right in front of him. If he wanted, he could have touches the guards feet with his nose. But every little sounds would get their attention. Finally the guard moved a bit farther away, and Lauren breathed quietly, making sure nobody heard him. If they did, he would be dead.
    On the hunt, he always had with him his bow, dark leather armor and a beautiful knife with a dragons head at the end of the shaft. The knife had felt a lot of blood, from beasts and guards. He slowly raised up, and lifted his knife. He put one his hands over the guards mouth, and stabbed the knife in his neck with the other one. Lauren knew that if this guard was found dead, the guards would instantly look after him. He picked him up, and carefully placed him in a nearby hole in the ground, made by guards so hunters may fall in it. Animals never would have felt in it. Sometime they had found an animal in there, but it was never often.
    -Hey you there! Come over here, someone yelled.
    He did not use long to understand it was a guard. He started to run as fast as he could, but the guard ran even faster than him. He had quickly caught up with him. Lauren did something he thought might be smart, and did a sharp U-turn. The guard noticed to slow, and he crashed in a tree. Swoosh. Lauren felt an arrow almost hit his right shoulder. Boing, said the arrow when it hit an nearby tree. Swoosh. This time, the archer guard hit Laurens shoulder. Lauren could see the arrow tip through his shirt. He tried to pull it out while running, but too late. Three guards had already gathered as a wall in front of him. There was no escape now. While he stood there, a guard came up to him, and pulled out the arrow so it hurt really much. It started to flow out warm blood from his right shoulder. He fell down on his knees, and then he hit his head in the ground. He could hear voices around him, and everything went black.

    Chapter 1
    Lauren woke up in a dark room, feeling dizzy. He had a scar after the arrow. It seemed to have hit only a centimeter away from his heart. The room was cheaply furniture. A bed was sat up at the north wall, with a small box besides, working as a bed-stand. On top of the box where a small, lit candle with a gentle glow. It was dying out slowly. There was a massive door, probably the only way in, and out. The roof where high above his head, he could almost not see a small window with bars. He thought they whore made of steel. He checked his belt. The dagger was gone! He desperately started to search for it, when the light died out.
    Lauren had no idea of how long he had been there, but after a long while a guard came in with some bad looking food. It smelled worse.
    -Could you get me a new candle? Lauren asked the guard.
    -No, I’m not allowed to speak with you, he answered.
    -How long have I been here?
    -Around 1 week. Now! Eat your food, have to go, the guard replied, and quickly ran out the door.
    Lauren heard no click, which it should usually do when you lock a door. Lauren crawled over to the door. It was open. The guard had forgot to close it in his rush. He got out as fast as he could, and hid in the shadows. A few minutes later, the torture master came to his chamber, but there was no sign of Lauren. The torture master started to yell out swear words, and ran as fast as he could to the other guards to tell them about it.

    Chapter 2
    Lauren continued to sneak around in the castle, trying to find a way out. It was no easy task, as he had to hide from every single guard he saw. But Lauren was good at hiding. Still, one time he was almost seen by a guard. After a long walk around in the castle, he found a room with guard armors. It was perfect, now he could sneak around without attracting so much attention. He put on the giant iron helmet, the steel chest-armor, and plate-legs. He picked up a sword, and looked like one of the guards. He went out of the room, and started to walk.
    He had never before been so hungry. While he walked around in that giant armor, he got even hungrier. He could feel he was near the exit of the castle. He already had a plan, to get out, get of the heavy armor and steal a horse. But first, he had to find his dagger. He continued to walk all day long, no matter how thirsty and hungry he got. He heard a bell chime far away. It was chiming for dinner. Lauren ran as fast as he could to the cafeteria.