• Delsus was helping his father Anthony pack up some things for his trip to see his Brother Ray. Delsus walked into the room with a bag of what seemed to be a bunch of tin foil balls.

    "Pa..Why are you taking so many silly tin balls to uncle Ray Ray's house?"

    Anthony turned around and kneeled down infront of Delsus and rubed his head.

    "No worries Delsus. Uncle Ray Ray wanted me to bring him some sugar so I decided to pack it up in small tin balls okay?"

    He smiled and took the bag from Delsus. Delsus scratched his head in confusion.

    "But why don't you just take it in the sugar bag. We have plenty dad."

    Anthony sighed and looked at Delsus and smiled.

    "Okay. Go bring me a bag of sugar for uncle Ray Ray."

    Delsus Smiled happily and ran out of the room into the pantry in the kitchen.

    "Such a curious boy.."
    He finished packing the tin balls into his suit case and Delsus walked back into the room struggling with a large bag of sugar.

    "Pa....Pa..I...Is this enough?"

    He tripped over himself and the sugar fell over him spilling over the floor. Anthony ran over and picked up the bag and Delsus was under a small mound of sugar.

    "Del?..Are you alrght?"

    Delsus lifted his head out of the sugar mound and began coughing.

    "I'm sorry papa..."

    Anthony patted the sugar of Delsus' head and laughed.

    "Well you better clean it up you hear?"

    Delsus smiled and nodded.

    "Right away!"

    He ran by the suitcase and knocked over a tin ball. Anthony walked over and closed the suitcase and picked it up carfully.

    "Delsus. I'm going out to Ray Ray's house, be back in an hour!"

    "Yes papa!"

    Anthony left and drove off. Delsus walked in and started cleaning the sugar mound, putting as much as he can into the bag. A few minuets later he was cleaning the floor with a wet rag and he saw the tin ball.


    He grabbed the ball and looked at it in his hand.

    "Why would papa wrap sugar?"

    He opened the tin ball to see white powder.

    "I guess papa has his reasons I guess.."

    He licked his finger and dug it into the little powder mound. he pulled his finger back out and stared at it.

    "It doesn't feel like sugar.."

    He looked at it a while longer and put his finger in his mouth and quickly pulled it out.


    He dropped the tin and began spitting and rubbing his tongue with his palms. He looked at the mess on the floor and stood up. There was a knocking at the door. Delsus rushed over to the door.

    "Who is it?"

    He put his ear against the door to hear the person on the other side.

    "Its uncle Ray."

    He opened the door and smiled.

    "Uncle Ray Ray papa is on his way to see you. Hurry or you'll be late!"

    Ray smiles and grabs his hand.

    "Come with uncle Ray Ray. Let's go meet papa."