• "Why," said Montag slowly, "we've stopped in front of my house?" Rai looked at his house in amazement. Never has he seen a house that big with also a huge yard. In front of the house the mechanical dog from the fire station, where they worked. "Um…Guy…t-the dog…i-its in front of your house!" Montag looked at Rai then slowly looked at the dog. The dog was sniffing the bottom of the front door. "What now?! If he finds out where here then we're toast!" Montag didn't know what to do.
    Montag quickly started up the car. But it didn't start. The dog lifts up his left ear and quickly turned to look at the car. "Crap!" He started up the car again but it still wouldn't work! Rai saw the dog walk slowly toward the car eyes turning from blue then slowly to red. "Montag! What's taking so long to start up the car?!" Rai said still looking at the dog walking slowly as it came closer. "It won't start up!" yelled Montag trying to start up the car.
    "Come on! Hurry!"
    "I'm trying damn it!"
    The mechanical dog was 10 feet away from the car. Rai still watched the dog walk closer until he noticed that it was walking faster…then running.
    "Montag!" yelled Rai "He's getting closer!"
    Once he said that the car finally started. Montag looked at the dog and saw it leap; fangs showing, eyes glowing blood red, and growling like a wild dog. Montag quickly drove away before the dog crashed right into the window where Rai was sitting.
    They both sighed as they looked back at the dog eyes still glowing blood red and showing its metal fangs. Rai looked at Montag. "Dude…you need a new car." Montag laughed.
    "You can get me that for Christmas."
    "I already bought you something so I'll get you it for your birthday."
    "Birth-"Montag gasp and widen his eyes. "Oh god! I totally forgot!"
    "What?" Rai looked at him in a confused way.
    "It's Caleb's birthday today!"
    "No way!" Rai said in a surprising way. "It can't be! He would have told us!"
    Just then, Rai's cell started ringing. He looked at his phone:
    New Text Message!
    From: Caleb's cell
    They both looked at each other thinking that in the message they we're going to get a message asking where they were. Rai opened the message and gasped when he finish reading it. "What?! What is it?!" Rai looked at the floor and handed his phone to Montag. Montag grabbed the phone quickly and read it:
    To: Rai
    From: Caleb's cell
    Date: Dec. 14, 2006 Time: 1:24 p.m.
    Rai! Come quick to my house now! Let's just say that my b-day isn't going so well like it should be! Eric is bleeding to death in my arms! We're hiding right now!"
    Montag's eyes widen still looking at the message then looked at Rai. He was still staring at the floor of the car. Montag drove to Caleb's house and found that all the windows broken. Montag parked 3 houses down from the house. They both got out of the car and walked slowly to the tree that was in front of the house. Rai got out his cell. "What are you doing?!" whispered Montag. "I'm calling Caleb to see where in the house he is hiding!"
    "You idiot! What if his phone is not on vibrate mode?!"
    "Apparently you don't know Caleb as much as I do Guy Montag."
    Rai looked up Caleb's number and called him.
    Caleb carefully placed his ear against the door in his room. "Don't hear anything." He heard his friend Eric moan. He looked at his bloody friend in pain, almost about to die in his best friends arms. "Come one Eric! Please hang in there!" Eric moaned in responds; meaning "OK". "You're going to be ok. I promise you…I won't let anything happen to you. I'll die protecting you no matter what!" Eric looked up at Caleb, his best friend, his blue eyes seemed weak, his face started to look a bit pale. "…Ca…l…ed…you're a good friend. I thank you…" Caleb's eyes started to look glassy. then his cell started to vibrate in his pocket. He took it out and picked up the call. "…Hello?" he answered trying to whisper.
    "Caleb! It's me! Rai! What's going on?!" said Rai
    "Rai! There is someone in the house!"
    "Where are you right now in the house?"
    "I'm in my room. Eric needs to get to a hospital fast!"
    "Ok! I have Guy with me so we'll be up there!"
    "Ok just hurry! I don't know if the guy is still here!"
    They both hung up.
    Rai put away his cell. "Ok, he's in his room with Eric. Sounded like he's in pretty bad shape right now when Caleb told me."
    "Let's get over there then." said Montag.
    They both quickly and silently ran over to the left side of the house. Caleb's house was 2 stories high and his room was on the second floor. They looked for a safe way into Caleb's house. Rai looked up and saw a tree branch that was close to the window, leading into Caleb's room. Rai tapped Montag on the shoulder gently and pointed up to the branch. Montag looked up then back at Rai and nodded. Rai ran over to the tree avoiding the leaves on the ground. He then started to climb up the tree.
    Montag watched him and was about to run to the tree until he saw something horrifying at the corner of his eye. He didn't want to look but his body had a mind of its own and looked over to the window that was to the living room. He walked over to the window slowly and looked. There…lying on the pearl white tile floor…were 6 bodies. 4 faced down and 2 faced up eyes open staring at the white rocky looking ceiling. Blood everywhere even splattered on the wall. Then, at the right side of the living room was a guy in a yellow coat and yellow baggy pants sitting in a chair looking at the bodies. At the left side of the guy was the dog…not the same one that was about to kill Montag and Rai, but a different dog. This time the dog was black with deep blood red eyes. Eyes that even would scare Lucifer and his demons.
    Montag was literally shaking at the site. He looked closely at the guy and gasped. "Psst! Guy! Montag! Get up here!" whispered Rai. Montag slowly looked up at Rai and saw him at the window of Caleb's room. Caleb poked out his head and looked down at Montag. Montag's eyes widen when he saw Caleb all bloody. "Montag! Get up here quick!" said Caleb trying not to be loud. Montag nodded. He looked back at the guy and found him gone. The dog too. Shivers went up his spin as he ran over to the tree and climbed up until he reached the window. He jumped into the room and walk over to Rai and Caleb. They were looking down at Eric that was lying on Caleb's bed moaning in pain. "We have to get him out of here quick!" said Caleb. "I called 911 when I was climbing up." said Rai.
    "Good. They should be here any minute then."
    "How's he doing?"
    "He said that he's feeling sleepy. That means he's losing a lot of blood."
    "Yup. That's not good at all."
    "I don't want to lose a good friend like him Rai…I don't…"
    "What happened?"
    "…We were just talking about some kids in school then we started talking about the massacre in ..:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com surprised ffice:smarttags" />Colombian High School. Just then, there was a knock at the door. My mom opened it and there was a guy dressed in all…yellow…"
    Caleb nods. "Yellow. My mom asked him what he wanted and then…all I saw…was my mom…on the floor…bleeding…at first I thought it was a joke 'cause they always did that so…I laughed…but then…things went too far…way too out of hand…the yellow guy killed my friends that were there…even my dad…the only one's left were me and Eric…then we saw a black blur and that black blur was a mechanical dog with blood red eyes. He bit Eric on his arm…" Caleb looked back down at Eric's wound, bleeding like there's no tomorrow. "I quickly grabbed him before he hit the ground. I then ran up the stairs to my room…now…here we are…"
    Montag shook a little when he heard the story. "That guy…in the yellow…that's…our boss…from the station…" Caleb and Rai looked at him in confusion. "What do you mean 'our boss'?" asked Rai.
    Montag nodded. Rai couldn't believe it. "Captain Beatty?!" he thought, "It can't be…" Suddenly, there was a scratching noise that came from the outside of the door. They all looked at the door. Wondering what's behind it. The scratching noise kept on getting rougher and louder. "Um…Guy…is the yellow coat guy and the dog…still here?" asked Caleb still looking at the door afraid that something is going to pop out. "Yeah…he's still here…him and the dog…" Then he heard sirens. The ambulance! The scratching noise stopped. It was quiet. All you could hear was the sirens from the ambulance. They still looked at the door, waiting for something to just kill them.
    BANG! The door was kicked opened. There in front of them was the dog and the yellow man. The dog was still growling; showing its black sharp fangs, eyes still blood red and his expression looked like a murderers face. "So…Mr. Montag and Mr. Kamishiro…you made it…" said Captain Beatty with a smirk on his face. "Captain! What's with you?! You killed some of our friends and Caleb's parents!" yelled Montag. Captain Beatty laughed quietly in a devilish way. "How do you not know…you known me for a while…and you still don't know? Hehehe…I guess you don't know me very well."
    "What are you talking about?!"
    "Montag…Rai…why do you hang out with losers? You know better then that."
    "HA! Wrong again Guy…instead of thanking me…you call me 'a low life loser'."
    "…You don't get it…do you…?"
    "Get what?" asked both Caleb and Rai.
    Beatty slowly reaches into his pocket and pulls out a cloth. Caleb, Montag, and Rai tense up and hope that underneath the cloth was not a gun. "Scared I see…" said Beatty with a grin. He pulls the cloth and holds out a black book and in gold words read, "Holy Bible".
    "This is what I hate! This is what I despise!" yelled Beatty in anger. The dog growled and crouched down to the ground with its metal ears pulled back. "That's why I killed your family and friends! I'm trying to save you, all of you from this! All these so-called stories are all just lies!" Caleb looked at the ground. His body shaking, fist closed, tears rolling down his cheeks. "So…so…you killed them…because…because…BEACAUSE OF WHAT WE BELIEVE IN?! HAVE YOU NO SHAME?!" Caleb ran toward
    Beatty, his fist ready to hit him. The dog suddenly jumped up at Caleb and was about to pounce on him but then Rai grabbed a baseball bat and took a swing at the black dog; hitting the dog flying across the room. The dog hit the wall then got up quickly growling again. "Guy! Take Eric and get out of here!" he yelled holding the bat in front of him like a sword. Montag nodded and runs out of the room.
    Caleb kept punching away at Beatty. Beatty tried to block them but Caleb was just too fast for him. Caleb then kicked him into the hallway. He walked over to Beatty and grabbed him from the neck and pushes him against the wall. "You…I hate you…why…why…WHY?!" Caleb yelled squeezing Beatty's neck. Beatty just laughed loudly every time Caleb's grip on his neck gets tighter and tighter. "I HATE YOU!!!"
    Rai and the mechanical dog just stared at each other waiting for one of them to make a move. Finally, the dog leaps at Rai, opening his mouth to attack. Rai thrust the bat toward the dog down its throat, making the dog fall to the ground. Rai then grabbed the bat and swung it into the wall and down to the ground. Finally, after 30 minutes, the dog shuts off and falls to the ground. Rai sighs heavily and hears Caleb and runs out to see what was going on.
    "Go ahead! Kill me!" yelled Beatty still being chocked. Rai runs over to Caleb and tries to calm him down but it didn't work. Caleb just choked him even harder.
    Montag was outside talking to the police when suddenly, "GUY!" someone yelled. Montag looked behind the police he was talking to and sees someone running towards him. "MICHAEL!" he yelled running towards him. "Dude! I heard what happened! Let's go back in there and kill the guy!"
    They ran past the dead bodies from their beloved friends and their blood. Once they reached upstairs, they see Caleb choking the life out of Beatty, Beatty laughing while being choked, and Rai trying to calm down Caleb. Rai looked over to Montag and Michael. "Guys! A little help here!" Montag and Michael ran over to Rai and tried to pull Caleb's hands off of the already dead Beatty.
    Once they got him off and calmed down, they walked downstairs trying to not see the bodies and the blood but everywhere they looked was blood. Pools and pools of blood from their friends that were killed for no reason. When they came outside the police came and asked questions. 2 hours later the FBI takes out the bodies in body-bags.
    5 days later they were at In-N-Out eating and just talking. Acting like everything was normal. Like nothing happened. "Hahahahaha….that was back in the days though! So guys…what now? Tomorrow is the funeral for our friends." said Eric. "Well, after the funeral will go hang out with everyone's family at my place then will take them out somewhere so they can have a clear mind for at least the rest of the day…" said Caleb eating the rest of his fries. "Man guys, I'm going to miss them…" said Montag playing with his straw.
    "Hey, we always have each other. Their in a good place right now."
    Everyone nods and heads out to Michael's car. That day they made a promise to each other; don't kill someone unless their stupid as Beatty.
    …The End…