• i layed down for tat final glimpse of late nights, 4 tomarrow was.... da 1st day of 7th grade. *9:39* i toss & turn, hoping 2 find a comfortable postiton. {sucky bed} *10:00 - 4:00* i sleep peacefully. *6:00* i hear mi mom get up. *3:00* my dad comes in, [hey saige, u slept through da whole school year!] {WAT???} [yup, we tried 2 wake u up, but u just would not!] now, my dad is 1 of those guys who likes 2 play pranks on people but i didnt realize it at this moment. i took me about 5 minutes 2 realize wat was happining. (by then da damage was done) he was just getting up 2 go 2 work & my mom wasnt even up yet. finnaly he let me go 2 bed & now, my mom & only my mom wakes me up. (i do on weekends, cuz i wake up at 10)

    THE END!!!!!!!!!!!! mrgreen

    this is not a tru story, if it was i would of died.
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