• "There's... there's just... so much." Dizzy... She was so dizzy. There was so much, surrounding her. Her arms were burning. "Dani?" She sounded so weak.
    "Yah?" He whispered through his tears.
    "I..." Her voice was garbled. "Dani, I... I love you." Dani sniffed.
    "Ya, I love you to." He was sure she was dieing, and knew he couldn't stop it. She smiled and closed her eys, sighing. "Thats right, honey. Just... Just close your eyes." Tears poured down his face.
    "But Dani, my arm hurts! Please make it stop! It... It's burning Dani!" Her eyes flew open and she gasped, her cheast heaving. Dani scrambled around, looking for something to stop the pain.
    Then, some bandages appeared out of the corner of his eye. He grasped the bandagess in his hand and looked back at her. But instead of looking at her face, as he usualy did, he looked down at her arm. It was covered in new and old blood, which flowed freely from long gashes slashed into her arm. When he coudn't bear to look at it anymore, he wraped her arm in the bandages. She winced and sighed,
    "Thanks, Dani." She whispered sleepily.
    "Hey, no prob! Ivy?" He replied, using her username.
    "What's your real name?"
    "It's mina. Mina Johnson." She closed her eyes again.
    "Thanks." He whispered. Knowing it would make her feel better, he began to hum her favorite song. Soon enough, he heard her groggy voice whispering along. When the song ended, he whipered goodbye, and in his arms, with a smile plastered on her face, Mina Johnson said goodbye to the world, and fell limp.