• ACT 2

    *bain stand by a vending machine under a bad flickering light*

    Bain: stupid sisters stupid curry, not to mention that stupid book *vending machine vends can of soda*.......what happend? when the hell did it change? before or after they died?

    *the next morning, and late for school as always, bain runs through any shortcut he can to make it to class on time*

    Bain: stupid curry stupid alarm stupid sisters!

    *bain bages through the class room door finding he's instead early this time*

    Bain: what the hell? where is the class?

    kerie: not here

    Bain: what the? kerie why are you here so early?

    Kerie: well this is the only time i get to be alone and think, plus all the smart people get up early

    Bain: (thats my sister kerie, always awake smart and, inventive) so why the hell did my alarm clock say it was 11Pm?

    Kerie: well you had to get up earliy for school so i made sure you werent late

    Bain: completely unlike you

    Sakura: B!!!

    Bain: oh dear god no she's here? this early??

    *Sakura runs up to behind beain casting her arm around his shoulder with a camera in he other hand*

    Sakura: check out wat my grandma got me, cool huh B?

    Bain: uhh yeah thats "neat"? (sakura, one of the only people who i can actually say is a friend when me and her are totally different, she doesnt even know im a guy, she just keeps talking asking questions draging me to my next class , she's worse than my sisters)

    Sakura: so B, why so early today?

    Bain: blame my sister kerie for that one

    Sakura: oh well thank you kerie for waking my friend up to see me

    Bain: she didnt-

    Kerie: no problem, oh i almost forgot *hands bain a gift* its your birthday present to Sakido

    Bain: you got me a gift for her?

    Kerie: i know it'll mean alot to her if you give her one this year

    Bain: ........fine, at least i already have it

    *Sensei enters the class room*

    Sensei: oh hello bainaka, im suprised to see you here, and before bell rings for a change

    Bain: dont get used to it

    Sakura: oh hey B geuss what else my grandma got me

    Bain: i dont know...what

    Sakura: A PUPPY!! *shows him the photo of a young puppy labrador*

    Bain: awww, thats cute

    Sensei: i think it may be best if i told you girls first, but we have a new student joining the class

    Bain: (did he just call me a girl?? AGAIN!!!???)

    Kerie: oh wow, who is it , is the new student a boy or girl?

    Bain: uhhh im outa here till real class time

    *bain walks out of the class*

    Sakura: B wait for me
    *Sakura chases after*

    *on the school rooftop*

    Sakura: B what do you think the new kid will be like?

    Bain: by now prbably a nervous wreck if he or she has to come to this school

    Sakura: oh yeah i remember your first time, you were so quiet, but you stunned all the guys with your looks

    Bain: thats what i dont like

    Sakura: well im suprised you never got friends straight away

    Bain: i never make friends

    Sakura: dont worry B you have me and well be friends always

    *the school bell rings calling first class, bain and sakura enter the class room and get seated near the end of the class*

    Bain: no sign of new kid yet

    Kerie: bainaka? is everything alright ?

    Bain: everything is fine

    Sakura: *gasp* oh.....wow, the new kid!

    Bain: huh?

    *the entire class turn to face a young boy with white and blue hair, and clear water blue eyes no older than bain enter the class*

    Sensei: class meet your newest classmate, Aisu youkaii

    Aisu: greetings, its a pleasure....oh but sensei where do i sit?

    Sensei: well......i know your new so sit behind anyone you think is best

    Sakura: oh man he's lucky he can choose to sit behind any girl he wants, this shows who he likes by looks

    Bain: what? uh i came to school for this?

    *aisu begin to walk through the class, and notices bain*

    Bain: (what is with him? he's just staring at me)

    *aisu takes a seat at the desk behind bain*

    Sakura:*whispers* ooooh i think he likes you B

    Bain: shutup

    Aisu: greetings its nice to meet you

    Bain:....yeah whatever

    Aisu: did i say something wrong?

    Sakura: dont mind her she's always this grumpy

    Bain: (oh dammit, why the hell does she still think im a girl!!???)