• "come now you know i could do that in a heart beat" but yet i think i will torment you as you put it" he said in a soft voice
    he bit into my neck i could feel every second his teeth were in my neck
    i could feel a scream coming up in my throat "go ahead" he said i want to make you scream make you sorry for doughting me.........
    doughting you i though i never doughted you will kill me" i thought
    then why dont you try me if your so smart" he said
    well mabey if your teeth were not still in my neck i would" i screamed

    he pined my arm down, but for got about the other one. " now you silly human will you trust me" he wispered in my ear "and why would i do that" i said in a calm voice but what he didn't catch was i was slowly reatching for the knife under my pillow. " i got it" i though to myself.
    "you got what" he said with a echo
    " a knife you retard" i was about to say
    but he could read my mind and took my hand out from under the pillow.
    "make me a promiss" he said in a misterious way
    "WHAT" i said agitated
    "promis me if i let you go you won't run" he said
    " ok" i said "i will do it i promiss"

    as soon as he let go i ran for the kitchen. but clumbsy me i triped down the stairs and landed on a rusty nail on the floor. i felt new blood gushing the new pain throbbed. and i just lye there on the floor. he was now right in fornt of me
    " your right you are clumbsy" he mocked
    "now prieing my hand off the nail i echoed "clumbsy right"
    "you broke your promis to me" he said in a teaseing voice
    "i know what the hell i did" i screamed
    " your a fisty little thing arnt you" he chukled
    "well when your just a bit scared what the hell do you think" i though

    he picked me up and went to the bathroom and set me down "this is not going to heal very fast" he said
    why do you want me any way you just had to choose me of all people after saying people my vison got blurry and down i fell leaveing him a couple seconds to ceatch me. blood still driping i hit he floor he dident respond quick enough........TO BE CONTINUED