• Years late people would say the secret war was one of hatred from start to finish. The people in them were heroes or bloody murderers. It was a tale of epic proportions involving blind rage, salvation and deliverance for the non human species in New York City. But the people who were in the war would only agree with the first part. The war was about hatred pure and simple. The undbending unwavering rascism that existed between a large number of men and women and the other creatures that inhabited their city was for a long time terrifying and absolute. It could have been anything that sparked a war. A murder or blackmail, kidnapping or something more foul. After all the years of waiting it was started by a simple request to a dinner party.
    Within New York City, operating under the guise of a government agnecy, a group called SPHK was born. The Society for the Preservation of Human Kind. They sent out letters to the seven. These were the heads of families that had been protecting the elves, demons, witches vampires and every other minority group that was in the city for generations. It said that they wanted to deal with the hatred in the city before it got out of hand and flooded into the streets. They wanted to foster friendship amongst all the citizens of New York. The seven were filled with hope and went to the meeting place along with many other leaders of the community. They never came back. During the meeting the doors were locked from the outside and everyone in the building human and non human alike perished in the flames. Humans blamed the minorites and the minorities, especially the vampires, blamed the humans. This is the story of the people who stopped the war in its tracks and made it possible for us to live at peace, hear now their tale…..


    If Simon wasn’t looking at the paper in his hands he could of sworn he had dropped it. His hands were numb and his head had a heavy ringing sound bouncing around in it. His father Varnes was dead. He had been one of the seven lords, but to Simon it had always just been father. Varnes had been the negotiator, which meant it was his job to bridge the gap between the government and demons like him. Crumpling the paper up he threw it on the ground and wept openly into his hands. It’s not like nobody had warned him, but his father had always been a hopeless optimist.
    Suddenly a voice cut in through his grief. “If it isn’t the new lord negotiator doubled over weeping for the fallen.” Simon looked up his green eyes taking in the scene around him. Standing in front of him was a man in a white suit. The black tie stood out on him, as well as his golden blond hair that flowed in riverlets down to his shoulders. Alex Holelan. The man was a nightmare, he would kill you in your sleep with that same grin that always seemed to play around his face when he was working. And he worked all the time, actually doing pro bono work sometimes.
    Alex was grinning now as he looked Simon over, “You look angry, excited it’s like you can smell the blood about to be spilt all across the city. It’s such a glorious feeling walking into enemey territory why don’t you join me some time?”
    “Shut it Lex, I don’t need to hear your twisted reasoning about how this is right” Simon managed to pull himself together and uncurled himself sitting straight and watching Alex very closely.
    Listening to Alex was like listening to a hynotist, if you stopped paying attention he would suck you right in, “And how long do you think you can avoid that Nair blood in you? Your father knew the joy of feeling another mans life fade in your hand. When you feel it you won’t regret the war at all. You’ll jump right in with gusto.”
    “I said shut it!” Simon was mad, heartbroken confused and and tired. He didn’t want to listen to this now. “I can change myself, I don’t have to give in to who I am! I’m going to stop this war before anything happens! But” He glared at Alex, “If there is a war? You will be my one and only kill.”
    Alex shook all over and laughed, “Ooooohh I’m scared, little lord wants to play with fire. Let me tell you.” his grin became larger, “you’re one hundred years to early to challenge me in a fight. Now grow up, get over it be a man and avenge your dads life. That’s what you want isn’t it?”
    “I want it….” He did want it. He wanted it oh so very badly. So badly it made him ache on the inside as if his chest were burning. Then he pictured his sisters on the street, bleeding…dead. His father died for a reason, to protect his family, “I want the madness to stop.” He let out a deep breath and started breathing again.
    “Usless just like your father. When the time comes where will you stand? Between SPHK and Ronnie Corwin? That’s suicide! You’ll get everyone around you killed and that’s a fact. You can’t avoid killing Simon. It’s in your destiny, it’s in your blood.”
    Simon shook his head looking at the ground, “I’ll make this work. I’ll find a way to stop this before it starts.”
    Alex shrugged and suddenly he flickered and was gone. Simon took the crumpled up newspaper and tried to straighten it out. At least if he showed her the paper he wouldn’t have to say it himself. His sister Shera was still asleep. He went in and then outside the house for five minutes there was dead silence. Finally a scream rang out. The news had been given. This news would spread all over the city in a matter of hours. No matter what anyone would say now, it had begun.