• Pin Joker stood, leaning up against the wall with his arms crossed in front of his chest as he waited by the doors of their room. He hoped Alice would be okay. Having to share the same room with him and all. He understood it was a big change and a whole new level in their relationship but it was what Bear King ordered. There would only be five bedrooms made in this large castle and the couple could share a room.

    Honey Queen poked her head out the door and smiled warmly. "Your princess has chosen a gown," she said and motioned for him to come in.

    As Pin Joker walked through the doors, Honey Queen jogged across the room and pulled the shy Alice out from behind the bamboo screen. Pin Joker grinned as he observed her dress. It was white, trimmed with gold silk. The sleeves hung off her shoulders and came down into bell sleeves at her forearms. On the bottom of the skirt was a row of red hearts, above them were golden swags, half covered by white swags. Around the waist was a gold sash and her torso was being squeezed by a red corset.

    "Is this your choice for a wedding dress?" he asked jokingly.

    Alice expression changed from modest to flustered. "No!"

    "I think it would be a great wedding dress. I mean, the dress itself represents love and womanhood," Honey Queen laid her hand on Alice's shoulder, looking at the dress up close. "You two are getting married?" She looked up at Pin Joker.

    "No!" Alice shouted again, stomping towards the door.

    "Alice!" Pin Joker called after her, "I did not mean..."

    She had already left before he could finish. Pin Joker sighed and turned to Honey Queen.

    "Now look at what you did," he pouted.

    "Look at what I did? You're the one who brought it up," Honey Queen pointed at him, baring her teeth. "But seriously, are you two getting married?"

    "Not as of right now," he looked towards the door as if expecting to see the lovely Alice standing there, "I think she has to sort some personal things out before she gets married."

    "I can't wait! She'll look so cute!" Honey Queen exclaimed excitedly.

    "I better go talk to her and try to cheer her up," he took a deep breath before heading towards the doors and leaving.

    Alice sat just outside the doors in the middle of the hallway. Her dress was laid out around her in a circle like a boundary. Pin Joker heard her crying and crept up beside her.

    "Alice, what's wrong?" he asked her, making a handkerchief appear out of thin air and handing it to her.

    "What's wrong? What's wrong?!" Alice repeated, choking on her tears and trying to stop crying. "Everything is wrong. I wanted to marry Borodo but he's gone! He broke his promise, he doesn't truly love me."

    "Then let me change that," he squatted down next to her and grabbed her chin, making her look at him. "I love you, Alice. I will never break a promise I make to you nor will I leave you. I think it's a little too early to consider marriage so what we said about a wedding dress and a wedding, forget it. But whatever you want, I promise to try to give it to you."

    Alice closed her eyes as Pin Joker went for a kiss. She felt like giving up, Borodo was never coming back and Akisu was dead. Like the islanders, she will give in to the Trump Pirates.

    "Borodo..." she whispered before she felt Pin Joker's lips against her's for a quick second then he pulled away and stood up.

    "Yet you're still in love with him," he said angrily, his fists tightening as he clenched his teeth.

    "I cannot forget about him," Alice stood up also, "Be happy I actually gave you a chance to kiss me."

    Pin Joker replied by turning on his heels and walking away, angrily. He was jealous and angry that Alice still loved this man named Borodo.

    "He'll be all right," Honey Queen said as she entered the hallway, putting her hands on her lovely hips. "Come on, Alice. We'll have a good time while he's taking a break from you."

    Alice followed Honey Queen down the opposite way the Pin Joker had went. There was something about Honey Queen that Alice liked. She was always so nice to her like they had known each other forever. Honey Queen knew how to cheer Alice up.

    "Oh! Alice! I just had the greatest idea!" Honey Queen suddenly exclaimed and turned to her friend. "Let's ask Bear King to have a ball!"

    Alice had only heard rumors of those. Where pretty woman dressed up in fancy dresses and danced with men in finely pressed suits. Now Alice could participate in this entertainment.

    "I like that idea," Alice smiled before they dashed off to see Bear King in his temporary throne room until the workers can finish the one at the top of the castle.