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The XL Journal My rants, my fanfiction, some random stuff...

Mademoiselle Violette
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My little brother, the mamodo: Chapter 5
Lee had lied to Mrs. Wright saying that his parents said he could stay with Hanako forever because they didn’t care. The sad story really won her over and she believed him. Hanako had a feeling that there was going to be more obstacles to having Lee as her mamodo, other than the battle for Mamodo King. Like the entire struggle that Hanako’s foster parents had to go through to adopt her, rename her, and get her into Japan. It was going to be a lot of work and maybe eventually, Hanako would have to tell her parents the truth.

As dinner was being prepared downstairs, Hanako and Lee were up in the bedroom. Lee sat in the window and Hanako slumped in her desk chair with the spell book in her lap. She leafed through the book, looking for anything she could possibly read but there was only the first spell.

“How can we get stronger Lee?” she asked him. The question had been on her mind since they left Dr. Hakase’s house. “How can we unlock new spells?”

“I don’t know exactly, Hanako. We might have to fight other mamodo to get stronger,” he told her as he gazed out the window.

“Like Zatch and Kiyo or Eido’s mamodo?” Hanako asked him. Lee nodded. He turned his head and caught Hanako’s gaze.

“We might need to make allies, in case Grisor becomes to powerful,” he told her, “I am looking for a certain mamodo, one that I knew long ago.”

“Who’s that?” Hanako asked curiously.

“He wasn’t a follower of mine but a worthy opponent and we became acquaintances of sorts. I’m sure he’d be willing to team up with us in the case of Grisor being too powerful. He’d like to pick on the little bugger too,” Lee laughed.

Hanako forced a smile, “I hope we can find this friend of your’s soon, before we find this mirror thing.”

“Yeah,” Lee sighed.

The next day at school, Hanako approached Shion between classes. She took a deep breath as she walked up to her.

“Hey, Shion,” she greeted her. Shion turned around with a friendly smile. “My name is Hanako. I was wondering if we could hang out sometime, if you weren’t busy.”

“Actually, I’m pretty busy with my friends after school,” Shion told her politely as Kiyo came up to them.

“Oh, okay then,” Hanako said as she turned to go.

“Hey, you want to go for ice cream after school, Shion?” Kiyo asked her.

“I sure do!” Shion exclaimed.

“Hey, Hanako,” Kiyo called to her as Hanako walked slowly down the hall, ignoring him.

Through the day, she convinced herself that it was fine. They weren’t the best friends anyways. Plus, she had tried to talk to Shion and befriend her, but that didn’t quite work out. At least she tried. Maybe she could get attention if she started hanging out with that Eido guy? But he had a mamodo, therefore, they were enemies. Hanako sighed, catching the attention of Mr. Toyama during class. She was about to head to choir after class when he called her name and said he wanted to talk to her.

“I know it may not be any of my business as your teacher but I feel that something is troubling you but it is my duty as your teacher to make sure your grades don’t slip,” he said to her, “So what is up? Is there something going on at home or here at school?”

“Thanks for your concern, Mr. Toyama, but it’s nothing really. I’m just tired after settling in to my new home,” Hanako lied. She really didn’t want to tell him about her personal troubles and she wanted to kick herself for lying, but she was tired so it was partly true.

“Alright then, you should get to bed a little earlier than usual then. I don’t know about the rest of your teachers, but I’ll extend the deadline for today’s homework until next week for you because of special circumstances,” he smiled.

“Thank you, Mr. Toyama,” Hanako said and bowed before she left to choir, which she didn’t enjoy as much as she usually did because she had no friends there.

After school, Hanako had to walk home because her mother had gotten a job in town. She was real tired as she came through the gate and up to the door. She just wanted to lie down and rest but as she opened the door, she knew that wouldn’t be so.

Eido turned with a smile and big bright eyes as she came in. “Hey cutie!” he exclaimed and she froze up.

“He invited himself in! Only I was home!” Lee tattled as he came running towards her.

“Where’s your mamodo?” Hanako asked him as she kicked off her shoes.

“He’s out, I ditched him for awhile so I can come see you, my new girlfriend,” he came closer and Hanako took a step back, her hand on the door knob.

“I didn’t agree to that,” she said, twisting the door knob.

“Stop denying it,” Eido smirked and closed his eyes as he leaned in to kiss her. Just then, Hanako opened the door and Lee shoved him through the doorway. She shut the door behind Eido and locked it. “Babe, come on! Seriously, can’t we talk about this!?” he shouted as he banged on the door.

“I need some time to think!” she shouted back and headed up to her room. She wondered if she should call the police or not but she shrugged it off. This was Eido she was dealing with. She and Lee can both take him on.

Hanako fell face first onto her futon and wished so badly that she had a regular bed with a mattress. Lee got up into his usual spot on the window sill and waited for Hanako to say something.

“So what was that all about?” she asked him as she turned her head to face him as she lay on her belly.

“He came over at about two-thirty, wanting to see you. I told him you weren’t home and he invited himself in, saying he could wait. He didn’t bother me but he fixed his own sandwich and helped himself to some soda,” Lee told her and she laughed a little.

“Wake me up in an hour, I have homework to do and I want to go and see if Dr. Hakase can help me out,” Hanako told him.

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