• When I was younger my parents arranged for me to marry a nobleman who had a dangerous job and lots of money. I didn’t want to marry him but I was a woman so, naturally, I had no say in the matter.
    At age seventeen I went and lived with my new husband. His name was Richard Flannigan and he was a vampire hunter. He hammered it into my head that all vampires were evil but in my heart I knew everything, vampire or not, could be either good or evil.
    Traveling to London I tried to talk to him about how some things weren’t just bad but also good. He wouldn’t hear any of it though and just brushed me off each time.
    One day while I was walking in the market I stumbled upon a curious looking ma. The man was very tall and he had long black hair with red tips. He was a very handsome with his creamy skin that wasn’t plagued by disease. He wore interesting cloths too. Under his long black over coat, that only a noble man could buy, he wore a pair of black cloth pants, a dark red shirt, and upon his head he wore a black top hat with red trip to complete the look.
    As I passed by him, his red eyes caught me off guard and hesitating I tripped on a stone and started falling. Quick as lightning the man caught me and helped right me. A wicked grin spread across his face and one fang shown bright in the light of the noon day.
    My throat suddenly parched and my heart speeding up I found it was not from fear, but because for some reason I was drawn to him like a moth to the flame. The man took my arm and, tears falling down his cheek from happiness, he exclaimed,” My life mate… I have finally found you….”
    The words were a stab of pain in my heart because I knew they were true. Yet I was unable to voice the words I wanted to since I was, against my will, married. Shaking my head, eyes watering, I replied,” My name is Diane Flannigan. My husband is Richard Flannigan, it is nice to meet you Mr. ….” She left off so he could fill the missing name in.
    The light in his eyes dimmed, his smile fading, as he spoke,” My name is Dante Noctem. My heart grieves those words you have spoken. May we meet this night at the hour of ten next to the channel? I would wish to… at least better know of my unrequited loves life.”
    Unable to help herself she agreed and rushed back to her home for she felt as if she were a fragile piece of glass balancing on the edge of a counter. The man who was her soul mate was a vampire and the man she had been forced to marry was a vampire hunter. She was pushed between the two in an unhappy marriage that went no where and a yearning for the man she knew would understand her and not say she was just another petty woman who knew nothing.
    Around nine at night Richard cam home and Diane was out of breath from frustration. She’d cleaned their home till it was spotless and had started cooking dinner. Sadly she still felt as if she were somehow unclean. The only other time she’d felt this way was when she’d first been married to Richard. They were married yet the only thing that actually made them have a relationship was that she cooked for him and cleaned his home. She was more like a maid or servant than anything else which made her weep for her own loss.
    Richard knew something was wrong when he came into his home. He’d been with his new wife for a month now and she only cleaned this much when she was upset. Finding her in the kitchen cooking he watched her and finally confirming his suspicions that she was upset he announced bluntly,” Something is wrong. What is it? Tell me now for I am your husband and you are my wife. You are honor bound to tell me and not keep secrets from your husband.”
    Diane gasped in shock and let her fears spill out in a river of words,” I knew him, he was the man in my dreams when I was a child. I only just remembered a few minutes ago. He promised me happiness and love in my dreams always with a smile and a warm hug. He….he’s my real husband. He is my love, my everything, and you are….you would be my imposter of a husband that only deceiving family members would have me marry. I am sorry that I loved you because you were made my husband but…..but….my real husband is not human….”
    Richards face turned a dark raging red from the fury that he felt. He clasped his fists so tightly that they were turning white from blood loss. Only a few words were able to escape past his clenched teeth,” Where….and when? I know you will meet him. I am still bound to you as your husband under God. You will be damned if you caste sin over our marriage vows!”
    Diane looked down at the ground hesitating only for a moment for she knew what would happen if she didn’t tell him what he wanted. He would beat her if she didn’t say anything and in this mood she didn’t know if she’d be able to survive it,” The hour of ten next to the channel. Please do not hurt him! I’ll stay with you I won’t leave or disgrace you for I understand the sins that I will carry if I were to do so.”
    Richard let out a loud laugh, half crazed, and growled out,” You were already a disgrace when I first married you. A seventeen year old girl who is outspoken and follows her heart? A disgrace among women. My first wife was soft spoken and very obedient. She, unlike you, was a woman among women and was beautiful beyond comparison. She was drowned in the channel years ago though and I was unable to save her. There is no way you could disgrace me further beyond being yourself. A vampire can caste illusions and get into the mind of a human. I wouldn’t blame the vampire though I would blame your weak mind. Go to your room and wait for when I get back with your vampires head.”