• " I have done nothing to you Zeus! Please don't do this to me!! " The young girl pleaded up to the gloomy sky, hoping that Zeus would answer her prayers and the clouds would break. Instead it only dumped yet more rain onto her already damp and grumbling head. Lightening lit the night sky and thunder roared above her head, proving this to be a wonderful and powerful storm. And a horrible beginning. It wouldn’t have shocked the girl all that much, knowing her luck, if she were to be struck down right then and there.
    It wasn’t that she was afraid of death. Being immortal did have a tendency to take away from this humanly emotion. What she was actually terrified of was the anger of The Great God Zeus, who could be blamed for the frightening weather she was experiencing. Even if she did manage to escape unscathed, the odds of this growing slimmer by the moment, there was still Father to consider. Although he wasn’t exactly fond of Zeus himself, she knew that Father wouldn’t appreciate the extra stress of the Lightening God’s wrath. No, being struck down would only be the icing on the cake of a terrible day.
    Although if she was to be truthful, the day had started off quite well. The morning had been bright and cheery, just like the weatherman predicted, with the birds chirping and the sun breaking through her window when she awoke. It reminded her of the fantasies and fairy tales that she read so often all those years ago. Even her mother acted cheerful, although the daughter had caught the quiet murmurs of complaint falling from her parent’s lips. Once again Father had cheated her out of two whole weeks. But with the abundance of fruit, bread, and other vittles on the table, it was hard not to feel uplifted and forget about their past troubles with unjust men. Even when she was forced to bid her mother farewell, a few hours later, she could feel a secret smile slipping onto her lips, despite the tears that had been running down her cheeks.
    Now though there was only a frown. Freezing, she pulled her trench coat, which now seemed to be little more than a mess of black cloth, around her chest. Her dark hair, which near matched her coat, still clung to her sallow cheeks, and obscured her pale blue eyes. Shivering, either from the chilling air or the sheer terror of Zeus’s power, she silently prayed that she would be picked up soon. It was a wonder to her that no one had stopped so far. After all what could pass for a ten-year-old girl standing on the side of the road for more than two hours, while drenched from head to foot, should have attracted some attention from the passing cars. At the very least a kidnapper. Still, she was completely alone on the curb.
    Almost if on a cue, it wouldn’t have surprised her if he had waited until she was at her most miserable, an elegant black car drove up beside her. A small smile lifted at her now blue lips as she recognized the vehicle, it only growing as the window on the passenger side rolled down. Crouching slightly to get a view of the car, she allowed her glance to fall upon the handsome man in the driver’s seat. The true color of his hair showed in the roots that contrasted against the rest of his dirty blonde coloring, and he seemed to scowl up at the overhead storm. Slowly turning his head to face the young girl, the corners of his lips lifted into a grin and he motioned her into the car.
    “ What did you do to upset Zeus now? “ The man hissed teasingly as the younger one climbed onto the seat next to him. There was a short, but loud, outburst of laughter between the pair of them and suddenly the day seemed to regain the happiness it had held earlier, although it still continued to pour outside. With only a slight flinch as the girl dripped onto the car’s interior, the man started the car and turned it around so as to drive the way it had just came. Putting his attention back onto his partner, he waited for her response.
    “ Of course not! I did nothing this time Father. I swear to you! I know better than to upset Zeus. “ It was true of course. It was a well-known fact, at least among certain circles, that even if she wasn’t exactly in The Lightening God’s favor, she at least attempted to stay off of his radar. You had to when you were the Queen of the Underworld.