• Walking along the wall, I slid into complete darkness, my eyes catching the small glint of the fire far off in the distance. I kept walking on. My eye sight growing accustom to the dark, outlines of small objects arouse around me. Picking up your voice in my ears, you talk softly to me, whispering my name, sending chills of delight down my back as I turn around and hold onto you.
    I whisper to you my love for you, my deepest desires to you as you hold me tightly to your chest, resting one of your hands on my back, the other one stroking my head softly as I talk to you. I look up into your eyes, seeing the light glint off them, tears slowly make their way down my face as I tell you I love you.
    Your arm around me still, we walk along, moving farther from the walls, the walls that held me prisoner, the walls I was so scared to leave. My home with you. I can no longer be afraid, because with you now, I feel free and loved, my walls torn down, the sea breeze carried me to you, a we walk along the waters edge, hand in hand, with the sun setting, you hold me close, and kiss me softly.
    Moments like this, is what I wish for, so many dreams, that I will never see. Sitting my corner, I hold my knees close and cry. My tears hurt me, but my heart begs for mercy. The words I always wanted to hear were never said, so many times I would crawl out of my room, my dark room, my walls, my safety, and every time I came out, you would try to hurt me so.
    My dear, my love, you are all I ever wanted, so many times I saw you hurt, so many times I saw you cry. I want to save you, but I die inside. As I creep along in my sheltered world, I go mad and insane. The thought of you is the only thing that keeps me going. The thought of you is the only thing that gets me to keep living. I love you my dear, my love, you are my reason for life.
    My imagination gets stronger and longer. Dreams with you make me happy and in love.
    The ocean breeze would blow my hair all over the place, getting into my mouth as I smile at you. But my heart aches when I think about how much I love you. My love for you so strong, love for you so much making my heart pound faster and faster as I think of your face, as I think of your voice.
    My hands reach out, finding nothing but the wall closest to me, my stone wall, so cold and lifeless. As the sky grew darker, it began to rain on me, the rain like tears that the sky can no longer hold in, as my own flow down my face, they mingle with the bits of sky crawling down my face. I stretch up slowly, reaching up to the sky, I catch a single drop of rain in my hand, letting my hand get wet, the puddle forms a heart, my heart, my love for you. As I walk in the rain, I look up into the sky and cry out your name, drenched to the skin, my clothing sticks to my body, holding me close, stepping out from behind me, you wrap your arms around me, and hold me close to your body, wet and cold, I hear your heart beating in your chest.
    Shortly, I hear my heart beating in my own chest, in beat with yours, out hearts are one. Resting into your arms, whispering I love you, and you whisper back to me, I love you too. My dream is life, I have seen my life before my eyes, happy now, I slowly die, in your arms, as it is supposed to be, my life finished, my mind happy, we die together, but forever is how it is supposed to be.

    I love you, please tell me you love me too…