• Wyatt - * 8 years earlier

    Wyatt looked around the forest for the girl that he had just save, but she was no where to be found. Wyatt sighed about to leave when he notice a black ribbon on the ground. He picked it up to see a cresent moon on place on it. He looked at it then stuffed it into his pocket slowly slipping into the night and headed home..........

    Moonletta - *8 years later*

    The rain fell harder as I walked on and on. My black shirt and jeans and already wet and making me colder and colder. I was only in this mess because my twin Connor had left and now I need to find him. I look for my brother for another hour before I came apond a school in the middle of nowhere."Connor" I called over and over. My eye sight slowly became blurry, a cough bring me to my knees and everything went black.

    Wyatt looked around and heard a noise he saw him twin kyle and a few other guys run towards the door.
    "what is going on?"
    "a girl in the rain."
    Kyle said as her ran out into the rain. Wyatt watched as the girl was brought in she had light brown hair and white streaks in it. There was something about the girl that seemed fimilar...but her could not but a finger on it. He watched as they placed her down on the bed.
    "is she okay.....?"
    "yeah...she just needs some rest"
    * Wyatt nodded then walked out of the room.*


    I opened my eyes and looked around. I was not sure where I was and I could only remember feeling someone lifting me up and bring into something warm. As I looked around the room I knows how clean it was. It was a simple white room with everything white. It was kind of scaring me, but I just shugged it off and got up.8
    "Okay....I need to get out of here and find Connor"
    * I walked out of the room and frozed. A blonded hair girl with green eyes sitting in what I would call a living room. She turned and looked at me, I could tell she already didn't like me, but I slowly walked towards her.*
    "Uhm....can you tell me where I'm?"
    " well your at Dawsun...High school, why?"
    "I'm, in a high school?"
    *I thought as I loooked at her. Her eyes seemed to be looking into my soul, she was creeping me out.*
    "oh, well I'll just be going"
    *I said walking pass her*
    "Oh....well it wa nice to meet you,hope -"
    *she didn't finish, because a boy with blueish/black hair and blue eyes walked in and looked at us*


    * Wyatt froze when her saw the two girls in him dorm living room. He looked at the blonde girl who was his best friend Tori, then a the brown hair girl w/ white hightlights, who his twin had found in the rain two days ago.*
    "Uhm......Tori I would like you to meet-"
    "Moonletta, my name is Moonletta and I'm just leaving "
    *the brown haired girl said walking ou the door. Wyatt watched the girl leave then he turned to Tori, with a confused looked on him face*
    "what did you do?'
    "what do you mean, I just welcomed her to Dawsun?"
    "sure, Tor.........sure"
    *he said as he went to his room to change. When he came back out five minutes later, tori was talking to Kyle and there was no sign of the girl anywhere. wyatt sighed and grabbed is bookbag*
    *He asked them. Klye nodded getting up and Tori just wrappped her arms around his arm*


    *I slamed the door behind me and head down the hall way. I was not sure where I was going but, I didn't let the people who were passing me know that. I was about to asked someone for directions out of this place when, my ear peice buzzed. I quickly touched the button in my ear and looked around for any people.*
    "moonletta, where are you?"
    "a high school, I think?"
    *the voice said confused, I knew it sounded wierd, but it was th truth. I sighed and lead p agianst the wall, brushing my hair back from my face*
    "Okey, it's wierd, but I was looking for Connor and found the school"
    "well you better get back before, Firewall finds out your gone"
    "okay, I willl, Jazzie"
    *I clicked the ear peiece again ending the call and looked around, I had to find away out of the school, and find Connor. My brother could be anywhere and I was sitting in a high school not knowing what to do next*


    *Wyattt, sighed as he walked out of 7 bell. The girl was nowhere to be found and he knew it was wrong to have someone they knew nothing about, at the school alone. As he got to his room Tori was walking next to him talking, the only thing he hear was the ending of her rant,when they ere in front of his doorm to his dorm area or house as they all called it.*
    "So you think it would be a good idea, right?"
    *Wyatt turned to look at her and nodded, as he opened his door. He didn't know what he had just agreed to ,but he was sure he would not like it, but he just shugged it off and turned to Tori.*
    "so, I'll see you tonight?"
    "yeah, Tori tonight so we can..."
    "get that wierd girl a handler and a class list,"
    *Tori siad as she kissed wyatt on the cheek and walked off, wyatt looked confused for a few more minutes,before he felt a hand on his shoulder*
    "it's okay, bro she will problilty do all the work"
    "yeah, I hope your right kyle..."
    *Wyatt said as he closed the door and walked over to the kitchen to get something to eat, he really didn't want to do his homework, but he knew he had to, to kieeep up his grades. But yet his mind keep going back to this morning, what had Tori told the girl Moonletta that had gotten her so mad? Wyatt quickly shut the lid to the peanut butter and was about to walk out the door when kyle grabbed him.*
    "where are you going?"
    "to find that girl......."
    "why,She is problilty gone by now."
    "so it's bugging me, so let go"
    *wyatt said pulling his arm from kyle and shutting the door*


    *I looked around the school and sighed, if Connor was here like Jazzie, and Amaya said he was, where could he be?. I sighed grabbing the pappers from the blonde girl from this morning, she had found me and started enrolling me into the schoool. I had want to tell her no, but she didn't lidten to me, she showed me where my dorm was, what my class was and where everything was before she left. When she was finally gone, I breathed aand layed down on my new bed. I was worried at school I had not been in school since, I had to go thanks to Amya telling Firewall we need to learn. Now I was alone at school and I was not ready for it. I sighed opening the window for some fresh air after the rain storm that had happpen, that smell filled my room and I smiled, when I hear someone calling my name. I looked around confuse when I saw the boy from ealry and I hid*
    "please don't find me......"
    *I waited about ten minutes or until he was gone, beefore I came out again*

    Watt looked all round for the girl but could not find her, finally after about spendong the whole day, he gave up and head back to his room when he saw the girl walking with Tori, he froze and wastched them before he walked to his room and started his home work that he noticed his twin had already finished.
    He mummbled as he opened his boooks and started

    Moonletta *Next Day*

    I looked around my room as I listen to the rain, it was raining again and I didn't mind. My window had been open all night, so the sweet smell of rain and the cool breeze of the morning, woke me up. I got up and quickly got dressed. My long sleeve white shirt and a short sleeve brown on top with a pair of jeans was what I decied on. I pulled my hair into a ponytail, with a brown ribbon. I looked at the clock and ran out the door to my first class, my books in my hand. I was early to class that moring, which I didn't mind.It was a pretty normal day to eveyone else but for me, My first day was ....what you would call awful. Everyone was looking at me and talking about me I think. But it just felt weird in the last bell, which was gmy when we had to fight. Now I will tell you know that I'm an agent and the kids had powers, it was going to be a close fight*
    "Ms. Cullen, and Ms. Clark please come down."
    I looked up from my book to see the blonde hair girl that had showed me around comiing down the blechers. She was smirking and I slow came down. I bite my lip, I was not sure what was going to happen but something was going to happen.*
    "Now, it is a 4 minute fight and who ever is standing after four mintues is the winnner."
    I nodded and so did Tori, that smirk still on her face. I breathed and looked at her.*
    "Now go.......!"
    *Right on Go, Tori waved her hands and I was throwen into a wall. I held my side and looked at her. I really didn't like to use the powers I had or the angel side of me, But she was getting on my nerves.I was badly hurt and everyone thought she was going to win. I only had 2 minutes left and I breathed.*
    "so they think your going to win..."
    "I know i will....."
    *I sighed and freezed her, as I did I grabbed her left arm and threw her to the ground, and unfreezing her at the last minute so she coul feel the pain. She glared at ne as she got up and I smirked. I didn't want to use anymore of my powers so the last minute it was just fighting with our hands and legs, but in the end,It was a tie. both of us glared at one another. And I knew I had my first enemy. She smirked and walked over to the boy that I now knew as Wyatt, now and kissed him. The whole class cheered but to me I didn't understand so I just walked out to my dorm house and took a shower, to shudder it away.


    Wyatt watched the fight and froze, the girls were fighting like there was no tomrrow, but something about the new girl seem to make him look. She was using moves that could only be........
    "no, she can't be we would never have a spy at our school..."
    He thought, as the girls walked away, a tie had been called and the whole class was quiet, usaul Tori beat her fighter, but it had just been a tie, tori was going to be pissed, and she was going to take it out on anyone she could find. Wyatt after gmy, made sure to hide form tori the hold day.

    Moonletta *week later*

    I sighed walking out of 7 bell and walking towards my room. I had not talked to Jazzie or Amaya in a week . Everytime I tried it wouldn't connect me. I breathed as I opened the door to my dorm. I froze when a boy was sitting in my living room. I looked at him and gasped.
    "that's the boy from when I firt meet tori....."
    I thought as I shut my door. I had not really notice him , but he was like in 4 of my classes. I looked at him, as he got up and smiled.
    "what are you here for..."
    "Oh, I just came to tell you that you new handler is Kyle..."
    He smirked and a boy that looked just like him appered. I growled as I put my books down on the kitchen table. I had read the hand book and knew what handlers where. I bite my lip and sighed.