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Sorry this doesnt involve a story just my feelings it is a journal right? Ok yesterday well for the past three days i have been having ankle problems,yes ankle problems.... I dont like going to dotors never ever EVER but i had to anyway. So when i went to the doctors yesterday i didnt even get my old doctor >=l!!! They gave me this asian lady (NO OFFENCE TO ASIAN PEOPLE) Who hardly spoke english.... I keep telling her "My ankle hurts" Then she would say "You hip...you hip?" I would be getting mad by this point i would seem like i am screaming but im not "MY ANKLE" Then she would say in her funny acsent "You hip ...ok we check ur hip!" Im ovr here steaming mad and my mothers laughing then she made me take off my pants! I WAS LIKE WTF WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH MY ANKLE! Then she made me walk around to see if my HIP{Get the point my ankle was hurting not my hip{ Then my mom left to the bathroom and left my alone...ALONEEEEE!!!! I also hate being with a doctor who made me take off my pants to be alone!!!!! So she makes m lay down and move my leg around i do as told i lay down but im try to keep my legs closed beacuse she keeps on trying to open them And im thinking "MOM YOU BEST GET IN HERE THIS CHICK IS CRAZY crying " and she keeps asking in a weird tone of voice "Is your mommy back" Im getting scared and then my mom comes in so i get of the bed and run over to her thn the lady said "Oh good mommy i need you to be here i need to check her butt" And im over here thinking"OMFG SHE IS A RAPIST{Not RAP Its rape without the E{ MOM DO SOMETHING PLEASE " but th lady makes me stand agenst the wall and she keeps on saying "Calm down stop being so stiff" And in my minds im like "How can i not be stiff your touching my freaking butt!" So after all that i go to get my medication and she gives me freaking cough medication! I WENT FOR MY LEG AND GOT COUGH MEDICATION UGHHHHHH! Then after that i went to my grandmothers and founf our something i was um listening to there confersation my mom thinks i dont speek spanish but i understand it i dont speek it and she was saying to my grandmother that {Oh just to mention my dad is a immagrant to he was sent to a immagration detention center or how you people say jail{ "I cant deal with this anymore mom im going to sign luis {Dads name{ deportation papers so he can get out of jail but they will send him back to his country{my dads cuban but america has just signed a treaty with them{ and i was like "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" Well in my head....... i love my father more then the world and my mom is dating another guy and i wanna kill someone! I love my father i wont be able to see him again...ever...... crying Well thats the end of this journal entry the heartbroken and butt hurting narrartor {Me{ will leave....

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